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7 Reasons Baseball Season Rocks

Posted by Piggyback Rider on

Toddler carrier at baseball

The boys of summer are swinging the bats down in sunny Florida and Arizona, which means it’s only a few short weeks until baseball’s season opener. So to get you ready for all the glory and heartbreak of America’s greatest pastime, we’ve listed a few reasons why baseball season rocks.

#1: It’s great for the whole family. From grandparents and cousins to kids and friends, everyone can have a great time at the ballpark. It gives us an excuse to hang out with our parents and something else to do with friends besides backyard BBQ’s and wasting money at the bar.

#2: Special events at the stadium. Whether it’s 80s night at the stadium, dollar dog night, or bring your dog to the ballpark day, special events make baseball games that much more fun.

#3: 162 games a season. Football is awesome, but the whole 16 games a season thing can take a hike. Baseball season has games peppered throughout the week and nearly every weekend from March to October. The season feels like it never ends; save your neck and comfortably carry your child with a Piggyback Rider standing toddler carrier backpack. 
#4: Fantasy baseball. If your favorite team stinks this season, you can always make the most of the season by drafting yourself a fantasy team. You’ll suddenly find yourself rooting for teams on the other side of the country and staying up late to catch extra games.

#5: 7th inning stretch. Not that you really need to stretch after all those trips to the concessions stand, but no other sport has a timeless tradition like the 7th inning stretch. Plenty of space because the Piggyback Rider toddler carrier is so compact it easily fits under your seat.

#6: Tailgating. What a blast. You get down to the stadium area a few hours before the game, grill a few burgers and dogs, and kick back with friends. Besides, the game flies by, so why not make a day out of it? Throw the kid on your back with the Piggyback Rider toddler carrier backpack and quickly get to your seats.
#7: The rivalries. Giants-Dodgers, Cubs-Cardinals, Yankees-Boston, Phillies-Mets, Toddler carrier-Sitting on neck and so many more. Some of baseball’s rivalries go back decades, giving generations of fans immortal enemies to sneer at all year round. After all, a victory over a rival is always that much sweeter.

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