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Fall into Fall

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

September 22nd is the first day of Fall! Although it may not seem like the seasons are starting to change in some areas of the country, the weather is getting cooler and that means more opportunity to play outdoors. The Piggyback Rider makes it easier for the whole family to get involved and soak in the nice weather.

Fall also calls for picking season! Apples, pumpkins, corn mazes and hayrides all scream fall and with a Piggyback Rider in tow, even the little ones can participate in the fun activities. Even celebrities like Tori Spelling and her husband love to use the Piggyback Rider!

School is in full swing by the time Fall rolls around but the Piggyback Rider can be a great accessory. Whether it’s picking your kiddo up from the bus stop or using the Piggyback Rider on a field trip, we are very school friendly.

We think one of the best parts about Fall is the leaves changing colors. This little boy is soaking it all in with his hydration pack which comes along with the Piggyback Rider so that both parent and child can stay hydrated while having a blast playing in the leaves.

We encourage family activity and getting outside in all seasons, but it is even easier to do when the weather is nice! Jump into Fall and see where the Piggyback Rider can take you!

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