7 Winter Activities to do with Your Toddler

7 Winter Activities to do with Your Toddler

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 12th Jan 2024

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of winter? Perhaps it's the chilly weather and shorter days. It's tempting to cozy up at home, wrapped in warmth with a blanket by the fireplace, and a delightful snack in front of the TV. However, we think most parents would nod along, acknowledging that this kind of winter escape gets a tad tricky with lively toddlers around. Besides, it's not the healthiest choice for any of us, whether young or old. We all thrive on outdoor activities and a breath of fresh air, be it during those fleeting daylight hours or when the sun sets early, and we discover excitement in our backyard, neighbourhood, downtown, or even our local mall.

So, how can you make the most of your winter days with your little one? We've come up with seven fantastic winter activities that you can enjoy together, creating unforgettable moments that bring you even closer:

1. Hiking

Ready to explore snowy trails together with your kiddo this year? With the Piggyback Rider, you can easily enjoy the winter wonderland out there. This standing toddler carrier makes hiking a breeze. Your little one gets to ride on your back, not get tired, keep their feet warm and dry, and enjoy the snowy views. Don't forget to bundle up in cozy layers for the ultimate hiking experience!

2. Sledding

Who's up for some downhill action? Grab a sled, find a snowy hill, and let the fun begin! Whether it's a classic wooden sled or a bouncy inflatable one, you and your little one will be laughing all the way down.

3. Making a Snowman

Time to get creative with that piled-up snow in your backyard. Roll those snowballs and stack them up to build the coolest snowman in your neighborhood. Let your little one hop on the Piggyback Rider and add scarves, hats, and buttons to give your new snow friend some personality. It's a simple and fun way to spend time together and let your little one show off their artistic skills.

Piggyback Rider

4. Making Snow Angels

Lie down on a fresh blanket of snow, move your arms and legs, and voila – snow angels! Make sure you dress your little one in a waterproof jacket because this is so fun that they'll be throwing themselves in the snow all day. Don't forget to snap some pics of your frosty masterpieces.

5. Building Birdhouses

Ready for a crafty adventure? Gather some pinecones, twigs, and seeds and teach your toddler how to create little cozy houses for the birds in your neighborhood. Hang them up in your backyard, and watch as they drop by. It's a fun way to connect with nature and give your backyard a touch of winter magic.

6. Scavenger Hunt

Turn your winter outing into a treasure hunt! Make a list of cool winter stuff to find, like pinecones, icicles, or special leaves. It's a game that will keep your kiddo moving and exploring. Plus, it's a sneaky way to teach them more about the winter world around them.

7. Winter Obstacle Course

Transform the snowy landscape into your own obstacle course. Your little one will jump over snow mounds, weave through trees, and crawl through snow tunnels. It's like an action-packed adventure right in your backyard. There will be no end to those happy giggles.

Believe it or not, winter days can be just as lively and enjoyable as those in the summer if you set the stage for a delightful experience for your little one. Their laughter alone can warm your heart even on the coldest days. Just ensure your toddler is dressed in snug, layered clothing, warm shoes, and pack enough snacks to keep their energy up throughout the playful activities. To finish the day a hot cup of chocolate and a Disney movie are the perfect combo. Get ready to make this winter memorable for both you and your little adventurer!