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  • Award-Winning and viral product
  • Fully supports toddlers up to 50lbs
  • Allows for fully hands-free carrying
  • Compact & lightweight at just 2 lbs
  • Includes Child Safety Harness

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Carrying Your Toddler is Now FUN for Everyone.

Our innovative Piggyback Rider toddler carrier has received many accolades over the years. But we're more proud of the positive reviews we get from parents just like you.

Created by Three Brothers to be the Last Child Carrier You'll Ever Need

The Lifshitz brothers had a game-changing dream to make parenting easier and more fun. Despite living across the country from each other, they put their minds together to create a standing child carrier that would offer unparalleled freedom and convenience. With online brainstorming, endless calls, and plenty of experimentation, they finally birthed the world's first and only standing child carrier: the Piggyback Rider®.

Our Toddler Carriers Stand Apart From the Rest

The Piggyback Rider® standing child carrier is a multi-award-winning backpack for toddlers older than two years and up to 50 lbs. Our compact, lightweight carrier design creates a mutually comfortable, effortless way to carry a child.  The days of bulky backpack carriers and clunky strollers are over — say hello to the Piggyback Rider® standing child carrier.

Safe & Easy to Use. Even Easier to Love.

The Piggyback Rider was tested by our own kids to ensure you can trust us with your kids. That's why all our toddler carriers come with a child safety harness. Of course they’ve been officially tested too, exceeding our expectations. We build them with military-grade materials, ensuring it is lightweight and practical which parents love. 

Toddler Carriers Enhance Experiences for Kids AND Parents

Everyone loves a height advantage. But kids love it most of all. 


A standing child carrier design gives toddlers a vantage point even better than yours, making for a more dynamic and engaging walk. Instead of being dragged behind, staring at your back, toddlers get to see what’s happening, explore their curiosity, and feel more involved as you move about which makes it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Outings become interactive with a standing carrier for toddler adventures

As you carry your toddler on a Piggyback Rider® carrier, you can talk to them more easily. This creates an experience of walking with your toddler, not carrying them on your back, allowing any outing to be interactive, instructive, and more of an adventure for the curious-minded!


Our standing toddler carriers are perfect for walking or hiking. You can go to the zoo, beach, or a crowded market where your toddlers can engage with those environments like never before. These carriers are also great for attending outdoor events or festivals, where maneuvering a stroller could be challenging.

How to Use the Piggyback Rider!

Top 5 FAQs

Of course! We wouldn’t have made them if they weren’t. After all, our kids were the first product testers. Our designs have a child safety harness with military-grade buckles and webbing, six-points of contact, secure hand-holds, and a sturdy, non-slip aluminum bar for your child’s maximum safety.

Riding the bar is safe for toddlers two and older (up to 50 lbs).

Yes, you can, and that’s the point! A compacted Piggyback Rider® carrier is about the size of a rolled-up towel, meaning you can easily fit it into another bag.

They love them, and if you have more than one toddler, be prepared to watch them beg to be let on. Our kids can’t get enough; our friends’ kids love them, and if you read the reviews from our site, on Amazon, or anywhere on the Internet. There is one thing that everyone agrees on: kids love Piggyback Rider® standing toddler carriers!

It’s an original design. Traditional toddler carriers position kids’ sightlines below yours. Piggyback Rider® flips that by giving your kids the height advantage, making it the best toddler carrier of its kind! And it’s completely hands-free.

Have more questions? View our full FAQs here.

Turn off the screens. Grab your kids. Get out there. 

Familiarizing toddlers with the outdoors, instilling a sense of adventure, and bonding with them are the core philosophies behind what made Piggyback Rider® a reality.


As the only toddler carrier of its kind, Piggyback Rider® is ideal for toddler adventures, wherever they may take you!


Whether exploring nature trails, navigating through busy city streets, or running errands around town, Piggyback Rider® allows you to bring your child along for the ride without sacrificing comfort or mobility. The unique design encourages bonding and interaction, making every trip a shared adventure you and your toddler will treasure.

After 14 years of sharing the Piggyback Rider with the world, we’re so confident in the product that we guarantee your 100% Satisfaction - or your money back. See our return policy for details. 


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