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Getting Ready for Fall with the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

Fall is just around the corner! Which means, it is holiday season! The holidays can be stressful even when it is supposed to be the time we are all enjoying each other and the company. There are many things you can do to keep your child entertained this fall and we want to help you have the best fall ever using the Piggyback Rider! Check out our tips on fall traditions….

Fall Hiking Made Easy

Now that the weather is changing and it will be nice and cool, it is the perfect time for a hike! It can be a struggle to get your young ones ready to go outside, since it’s school season, but with the Piggyback Rider, they are offered endless adventures with half the work! Order a Piggyback Rider with some add ons to hold snacks and waters and you will be the coolest family on the block!

Fall Family Recipes

Try a new healthy, fall recipe for dinner this week or at least once a week! Encourage healthier habits at the dinner table such as no phones, TVs, a colorful plate, and great conversation. Try out different fall recipes that are perfect for your kids and tasty for you!

Fall Family Game Night

This is one of our favorites…. family game night! It is a perfect way to get the kids to hangout with you! A great way is to encourage family time on Sunday evenings or anytime throughout the week. Kids of every age love games so why not stock up and use this time to hang out together. Here is a list of games for you to try. 

When in doubt, OPT OUTSIDE for Fall. There are endless adventure to be had when you have the Piggyback Rider in tow. 

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