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Teach Your Kids How To Love Hikes

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Teach Your Kids How to Love Hikes

Keeping yourself active and also your child is very important! It is recommended that kids between the ages of one to four should be outside for at least thirty minutes each day.

Here are some important tips on how to teach your kids to love hikes and what to do on the hikes!

1.Start them young!

Talk about exercising like it is the cool thing to do, because it is! The younger one’s will not understand the health benefits like we adults do but, ask them about their feelings afterwards and try to help them understand being active makes them feel good!

The PiggyBack Rider and hikes make a great pairing for the toddlers who have just begun walking and are not into long distances. You can teach them the importance of being outside even if they are not walking for that long!

2.Make their first hikes short

Do not make their first hike too steep, long, or treacherous. Make it short, simple, easy-going, and fun with family! If you make the first experience a difficult one for the child, they may not want to go again. Make hiking exciting and a great alternative to any other sport or outdoor activity they love.

The Piggyback Rider is the perfect companion for the short hikes, as the sole purpose is to give the toddler a break when they really need it. This saves time and tears for both toddler and parent.

3.Pack Snacks!

This is one of the most important things to remember when bringing a smaller child on a hike. Children are always hungry and since they are still small and learning to be active, you have to keep their blood sugar up and their tummies full! Great healthy snack options are; granola, carrots, celery with peanut butter and raisins (known as ant logs), cheesy crackers, and organic fruit rollups. Kids will look forward to more things if there are snacks involved and we are sure some adults are the same way! It can be viewed as a reward for their hard work on the hike.

When you need a place to store these snacks on-the-go, look to the Piggyback Rider and it’s accessories. We have a pouch that clips to the Piggyback Rider, perfect for those healthy snacks and easily accessible when on the trail.

4.Let them take charge

Kids can be bossy sometimes. When they do not have their way, they could throw a tantrum or become angry. This is a great opportunity for them to call the shots and learn responsibility. If you allow them to pick a route or even the amount of time to hike, they will look forward to being outside with you because it is the one place where they can be on the same level as their parents!

And speaking of being on the same level as the parent...the Piggyback Rider allows your child to see the same view as you. Using the Piggyback Rider toddler carrier while on the trail gives them a sense of the great outdoors from a complete other level.

There are so many ways to get your child to become interested in hiking or just being active in general. This is the generation of Netflix and tablets so instead of letting them spend hours on the couch at a young age, bring them to different outdoor places or sports related events and make it fun from them! And of course, don’t forget your Piggyback Rider!

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