The Best Zoos to Visit Across the Country with Small Children

The Best Zoos to Visit Across the Country with Small Children

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 14th Jan 2022

If you are a parent and are looking for the next greatest destination for a trip with your toddlers, you’ve come to the right place. One of the most fun trips that you can take your children on is a trip to the zoo. There are many zoos across the country that are great to visit with children. Here are a few of the top-rated zoos that you might consider visiting.

San Diego Zoo

First off, the San Diego Zoo is adored by many as a very family-friendly environment. There are tons of educational activities that your toddler can participate in, as well as amazing exhibits and sights. If your child loves to be close to animals, the San Diego Zoo offers tours or upgraded experiences that will allow your children to get close to the animals. This option is also helpful if your toddlers are young and don’t handle walking long distances very well, since you can choose to be guided around on a cart. There is even an aerial tram that will take you above many exhibits at the zoo, which is another great option if your toddler is tired of walking. From the elephant exhibit to the polar bear plunge to the reptile house, you and your family will surely be thrilled by what the San Diego Zoo has to offer.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Another great zoo option is the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. This zoo offers many exciting exhibits and activities for families. As always, there are lots of exhibits featuring exotic animals and great educational opportunities that help your children to learn about animals and nature. There are even special Zoo Camps, Zoo Troops, and After Hours Programs that you and your kids can attend to have a more hands-on and exclusive experience with the zoo. Visiting the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden would be a great choice for your family.

Philadelphia Zoo

You might also be interested in visiting the Philadelphia Zoo with your toddlers. Interestingly enough, the Philadelphia Zoo was the first real zoo in the country, so it has a wonderful legacy of education and entertainment. It has hundreds of attractions and features with thousands of animals and hundreds of different species. One of the best attractions for you to visit with your toddlers would be the Zoo360 Animal Exploration Trail, which is a tunnel that you can walk through and view the different animals walking around and over you. There is also a children’s petting zoo which is great for toddlers.

If you’ve been wanting to take your toddlers to one of the best zoos in the country, remember the zoos that have been discussed in this article. If you take some time to research ahead of time and figure out what features will be best for your children according to their age, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful trip. Visiting the zoo will be an adventure that your toddlers will never forget!

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