All the Places You Can Go with Your Toddler in Tow

All the Places You Can Go with Your Toddler in Tow

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 9th Dec 2021

As a parent of a young toddler, you basically have your hands full. And when you are chasing around after a little kid, you want to make sure you know all your options so you can keep them entertained and engaged. While you can’t take a toddler with you everywhere, especially when you have a stroller or a car seat in tow, you can still get out and spend some time in amazing places. Here are a few ideas to get you and your toddler out in the world instead of simply hanging around home.

Go to the Park

The park can be a great time for you and your toddler together, and if you are pushing a stroller around, there are usually well-maintained sidewalks that make it easier to get around for you and your toddler. Sometimes it can be fun to get a group together and meet at a local park once a week. It will give both you and your child room to socialize and get fresh air and exercise. There are probably many different parks in your area, so make it a point to visit them all so you can find your favorites and have a great time outside with your cute kiddo.

Go the Beach

If you are looking to get some sunshine in and enjoy beautiful ocean views, it is a good idea to take a quick trip to the beach. When you are planning for your beach trip make sure you have great snacks, reading material, and plenty of fun things to keep you and your child occupied. Optional side pockets and other Piggyback Rider accessories make it easy to bring along everything you need. Some kids prefer to sit in the sand while others want to get out into the ocean, just make sure you are paying close attention so your child is safe and happy and you can both have a relaxing time.

Go on a Hike

If you want to build a little more exertion into your time with your child, and give them a chance to wear themselves out, a trip to the mountains for a hike can be a great solution. You can hike with just your toddler or with a group, and it is an easy activity to adjust to your energy levels and schedule. Make sure that you either plan on a relatively short hike or bring a child backpack so you can carry your toddler if they get too tired to keep going.

Running Errands

Sometimes you need to get out of the house, and you have errands to do, so you might as well do them both at once. The grocery store can be a lot of fun for your toddler, especially if they are curious about all the interesting items and colors they can see in the span of the store. Take time to talk to them about the various items so they can learn about all the things they are seeing around them. Whatever errands you run, make sure that you keep talking to your child so they can be more actively engaged in the activities

At a DIY Crafts Trade Show

One of the most fun things you can do with your child is to visit a DIY or craft show. There is always a lot to see and you can simply walk through, or you can even sell your own wares as part of the process. There are endless DIY crafts that people can sell at these trade shows. Depending on your (and your child’s) interests, you can explore the event and focus on the specific things that you and your child enjoy seeing the most.

The Library

Local libraries are a perfect place to spend time with your child and give them early access to a love of reading. Most libraries have a variety of programs available that are specifically geared to kids in toddler ages. You can also browse the collection and find books for you and your toddler to read together at home. Through story times and other group activities at the library, you can find a community of people to spend time with and give your child opportunities to continue learning and growing.

The Pet Store

If your child is excited by animals, you may want to take them to walk through a local pet store. This can be a very fun activity and help your child to learn about a lot of different pets and animals. Make sure you prepare them to simply look around, so you don’t end up with another new pet every time you visit the pet store. Some local pet stores will even let you and your child meet a few pets up close and give them some much needed love and attention.

The Rec Center

Much like your local library, the local recreation center probably has a huge variety of activities that your toddler can enjoy. From mommy and me swimming lessons to a daycare center you can use while you work out, you can make a trip to the rec center a lot of fun for you and your child. Call in advance or visit your recreation center’s website, and you can enjoy the experience together and learn about everything they have to offer. You could even enroll your toddler in a fun exercise class so they can make friends and get stronger on a daily basis.

A Museum

Museums can seem like a boring option for little kids but there are actually many museums that are tailored to a young audience. Look up museums in your area and see if they offer any toddler specific activities that your child might be interested in. You can also look into visiting children’s museums that are designed to be a fun and educational experience for you and your toddler. You will probably be surprised by how many great museums are available in your area and the joy they can bring to both you and your toddler when you visit.

An Aquarium or Zoo

Finally, if you have an animal lover, you may want to take some time to visit a local zoo or aquarium. Visiting all the different animals can be a lot of fun for you and your child and it is a great learning opportunity. Before going you can read books about different animals and learn about your child’s favorites. Then, when you arrive at the aquarium or zoo, you can make it a point to check out the animals they love most. This kind of trip tends to include a lot of walking, so make sure you have a good stroller on hand in case your toddler gets tired.

No matter where you decide to go with your toddler, it’s important to make sure that you are prepared with some great snacks and an easy way to give your child a break from walking around. Don’t let the chaos of child rearing leave you bored at home because you are nervous to face the world with an excited child. Instead, use your support system and take time to go out with your toddler on a regular basis so you can both have an amazing time and learn a little more about the world around you.

If you are planning to go adventuring with your toddler, don’t forget your Piggyback Rider!