Our Story


Thank you for your interest in the coolest child carrier on the planet!
The Piggyback Rider standing child carrier was created by 3 brothers to assist them with more adventurous outings with their kids. Thus, Full Sail International, LLC was created as a family owned and operated company to explore how we could help other families with their different needs with toddlers. 

Although geographically spread across the United States, the Lifshitz brothers first developed the idea in 2009 because they wanted to do more with their kids. They couldn't find anything similar, so put their heads together and created the world's first and only 'standing child carrier'. With eight children between them, they had done their fair share of carrying kids and quickly realized that there had to be something better than a bulky backpack carrier or stroller. They're tinkerers and inventors so utilizing everything the internet had to offer including nightly VOIP calls, on-line white boarding, texting, emails, basement photo shoots, kid models and data sharing sites the Piggyback Rider® was born.

We are so excited to see families enjoying their new adventures allowing the smallest, slowest person to stay engaged with the whole group. We have heard people love using it Disneyland, international travel, music festivals, concerts and as simple as the grocery store.


We even had a customer send us a story about how mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness, dad was very overweight, out of shape, drank a lot of booze, smoked a pack a day and realized soon enough he would be caring for his 2 year old daughter alone. He decided to get out, get in shape and change his life around for his daughter. He became infatuated with the outdoors, hiking, 5k's and more. He scoured the web for something that would allow him and his daughter to continue the outdoor fun, together.... and he found the Piggyback Rider. Now his daughter gets daily rides, where ever she wants to go. This story alone, shed many tears in our family as we saw how our product was helping others. 

Who would have thought one of the dad inventors would end up really needing to use the Piggyback Rider too. At 6 years old, one of the inventors daughters was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis, a rare muscle disease. They didn't know at time what was going on, but could see his daughter struggling to get in and out of a car, pick up a pillow or even put her own clothes one. HEARTBREAKING! So we realized why she was tired while using the Piggyback Rider at times, so different from the other 7 kids we had been hauling around. So ultimately the Piggyback Rider became her transportation device to allow her to keep up with the family and experience everything the other kids were getting to do. At 8 years old, she asked her dad if the company could help and support other families with special needs kids, because she knew they were spending lots of money on specialty devices. She wanted others to experience what she got to do. The company now has a Special Needs program to help families be able to let their little ones participate in the family like everyone else. 

We've had so much fun creating this product, sharing it world wide and getting some very much needed attention in 2017 with many viral videos on Facebook and posts on Instagram. In less than a year, we saw over 100 million views on a handful of videos. This catapulted the brand into the next level of awareness. When people now meet us, they usually say... "Wow, i saw that video!" and one of our dad inventors is the main character. 

So, please reach out to us if you have ideas, thoughts or want to just let us know how we are doing. 


Ride the Bar!

Wayne, Jonny, Bryan - Dad inventors of the Piggyback Rider

Eva, Carrie, Michelle - Wives who approved the concept

Dylan, Max, Colin, Simon, Nikki, Owen, Ginger, Phoebe - were the testers, world's first riders and models  

The Piggyback Rider® inventors create the last child carrier that you will ever need to buy.

Sometimes we also invent fun. Trying to emulate the many CEO video's and interesting viral videos online, we felt it was necessary to create our own versions. Enjoy!


We have selected a number of organizations to support that promote a complimentary mission to the Piggyback Rider.  Please join us in supporting these great organizations also. If you would like to be a part of the Piggyback Rider family, please reach out to us at info@piggybackrider.com

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NOTICE: We are the ONLY authorized resellers of the Piggyback Rider® on Amazon. Buying from any other vendors would be at your own risk and may also void your warranty.