What You Should Look for in a Hotel

What You Should Look for in a Hotel

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 21st Dec 2021

Travelling is one of the great joys in life. Being able to see the world, experience other cultures, and relax in comfort is simply incredible. And one of the best parts about travelling is hotels. Hotels can offer amazing perks, luxury, and comfort like few other things. But not all hotels are created equal, some hotels can give you some of the greatest experiences of your life, while others can haunt you forever. Here are a few things you should look for in a hotel the next time you book.

The Ideal Location

If you are like most travelers then you don’t rent a car every time you go on vacation. Instead you opt for public transit, taxis, and walking to get you around your travel destination. And as I’m sure you know, getting around most places costs money. Which is why choosing a hotel that is central to many of the places you want to see and experience while at your travel destination is a marvelous choice. You want your hotel to be reasonably near the airport you are travelling from and the attractions and locations you want to see. Having a hotel located in an ideal spot can save you time and money on your travels, allowing you to spend more time and money experiencing and less getting where you want to go.


Hotel amenities range from the basics to the ultimate luxury. Do your research and find out what hotels you are considering offer as amenities. Some will only offer the basics like free wifi, or maybe included breakfast. But some will offer things like excursions, discounts at the spa, access to exclusive restaurant reservations, or even things like swimming lessons. Swimming lessons can teach your kids important techniques that can save their lives. And learning how to swim while on vacation is a great memory that you children will cherish forever. Make sure to find out all of the amenities a particular hotel offers before you book.


Many hotel chains have loyalty programs, and that is a major plus to booking at hotels. A lot of airlines mileage loyalty programs are also affiliated with hotel loyalty programs and this can save you huge amounts of money and earn you rewards miles you can use on future trips. Make sure you find out what hotels offer rewards programs and if your airline rewards programs are affiliated with any hotels to see how you can save money and get upgrades at the hotels you want to book at.

Travelling is one of the many gifts of life. And hotels are the home away from home for travellers everywhere. Make sure you are choosing a hotel that will make your trip better by ensuring that your hotel checks off these three things. Book with confidence and find a hotel that will elevate your vacation.

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