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Testimonial from a satisfied client

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A really nice testimonial from a satisfied client

I just got back from a vacation at Yellowstone and I can’t express how great it was to have the Piggyback Rider. We are a family that spends a lot of time outdoors and we knew we would be wanting to do some hiking, but with a 2 and 4 year old that can be a challenge. Wendy, our 4 year old, likes to be picked up and you can only do that for so long right!! But with your piggyback rider carrier she could rest easily without breaking our arms or necks and we didn’t have to stop for her. If you get a surge in sales it may be partly due to our trip!

I didn’t see any others with this carrier and Wendy and my husband had their 15 min of fame!! I loved walking behind them so I could see all the people looking and pointing and whispering things like, “I need one of those.” or “that’s the way to ride” or “did you see that girl, she’s standing on that thing” or “that’s so cool!” Countless people even stopped us to ask what it was so they could tell someone about it or get one for themselves. Thanks for this invention.

So many current baby and child inventions bring us farther from our children (monitors with video screens, snap out car seats we can carry, even cribs and strollers) The Piggyback Rider does the exact opposite. Wendy was right there for it all. She could easily talk with Jay (Daddy) and absolutely LOVED it. Even if we could have used a stroller on the hikes we took it would have been really hard for her to see all the amazing sights in Yellowstone and talk with us about it because in a stroller they really are far away from you and low. You have to lean over to hear or talk with them. Jay and I also both loved that she was SAFE. Yellowstone can be a dangerous place, but she was secure on Daddy’s back which was perfect.

The water pack was so convenient and worked great and at the end of the hike you take it off and it takes up practically NO room in your vehicle. That’s so nice compared to traditional backpack carriers. Another plus, it makes for much cuter pictures! Wendy could cuddle right into Jay and it was a perfect pose! My only regret is that I wasn’t smart enough to order another one for Morgan, my 2 year old. She tried it and also LOVED it. She even said, “We need one of these for Mommy so she can carry me like this too.”….. a two year old’s testimonial! Ha ha! I will be ordering another one for our next trip.

Take care all at Piggyback Rider and Thanks again! Katie

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