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Sweet Relish reviews the Piggyback RIder

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Sweet Relish is now writing about the uber cool stuff Piggyback Rider and the many uses for parenting fun. Read more here…

Sweet Relish reviews: Everyone has seen it- the parent struggling to carry the weight of their child on his or her back. The kid wraps her arms around Dad in a manner that looks strikingly as if she’s trying to strangle him, all the while kicking his waist and trying not to fall off. Baby carriers can help this problem if the child is just that-a baby- but what about older kids who conveniently lose the use of their legs at the most inopportune times? Meet the Piggyback Rider, invented by a pair of brothers who were tired of carting their kids in an awkward fashion. This carrier allows children to stand for a ride, so they can see the world easily. It fosters connected conversation between parent and child, because now their heads are so close. Think of the kiddos as co-pilots or navigators. Plus, it’s super-safe, light, and balanced on your back. Kids can easily climb aboard or hop out with minimal assistance- the equivalent of stepping on a stool to wash their hands. Don’t want to push a cumbersome stroller? Piggyback Rider can easily substitute when you need an option with less bulk. Piggyback Rider has been the recipient of umpteen awards, and is the only carrier listed in the National Institute of Health’s Able Data database benefitting kids with special needs. One warning, according to inventors Wayne and Jonny- your daily walk or hike may get longer. That’s because everyone you meet on the way will stop to ask you where you got your cool carrier.

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