Piggyback Rider Standing Child Carrier Review

Piggyback Rider Standing Child Carrier Review

8th Mar 2014

For parents with small kids, it sometimes seems like enjoying the outdoors is impossible. Carrying a 3-year-old for 

any amount of distance isn’t going to happen, and they certainly can’t walk as far or fast as their parents. That’s where the Piggyback Rider Standing Child Carrier comes in. With just the simple idea of putting a standing bar onto a backpack, these guys have created a balanced transportation method for kids that are too big for traditional kid carriers, yet too small to keep up with everyone else. A normal piggyback might be good for about 3 minutes or so, but that leaves little time for exploring. Now, instead of making excuses and not getting your family outdoors, there’s a simple solution to allow everyone to enjoy more.

Child Carrier Review by Industry Outsider

Taking the often overused idea of putting a seat on a backpack but removing the seat, the Piggyback Rider team has created an easier, stronger (up to 60 pounds), and much more fun way to carry kids. A shoulder rig combines with a solid metal bar covered in grip tape. That is really all there is to the core of the product, but there are a lot of extra touches to love. Not only have they added webbing loops that provide a solid place for your little one to hold onto (that isn’t your hair or ears), they also have their own harness which goes around the back and clips onto the shoulders of the adult. The clasps for the harness are designed so that they are easy to attach without seeing them, but also require enough strength to make it hard for younger riders to unclip themselves. A whistle added to the chest strap and the padded shoulder straps are proof that this system is made for the outdoors.

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