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Snow Day!

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

Tis the season for SNOW! Although many don’t feel the need to brave the cold weather and walk around in the snow, the Piggyback Rider is perfect for all weather conditions. Here are some fun ways you and your little one can use the Piggyback Rider this winter.


Whether you are just hanging around the lodge or actually skiing (not going too fast of course), we recommend cross country for use with the Piggyback Rider. It allows your toddler to come along for the ride and explore all the beautiful mountain scenery. 


As always the Piggyback Rider is perfect for hiking, especially longer distances. In the winter months however, the snow tends to add another level of difficulty to the hike. To ensure your little one can enjoy the experiences as much as you do, try the Piggyback Rider. It keeps them dry and out of the snow, making the hike more enjoyable for everyone.


As the months get colder, it is even more important to drink water and stay hydrated. Especially at higher elevations, the Piggyback Rider can help with this with the hydration pack! Included for rider and wearer, these packs are great for keeping water on you at all times. Check out our Explorer Model for more details.

The Piggyback Rider continues to be versatile in all climates and terrains and makes for a great addition to family outings. Visit our website to see all of the features and options available to make your Piggyback Rider just what you and your toddler need! 

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