It’s a Potty Up In Here: Potty Training Methods to Try With Your Little One

It’s a Potty Up In Here: Potty Training Methods to Try With Your Little One

Posted by Eileen O'Shanassy on 3rd Mar 2020

Potty training can be stressful and exhausting, but it has to be done. There are several methods out there that are supposed to make the process quicker. Do whatever it takes to stay patient and engaged as your child achieves this milestone.

The Naked and $75 Method

According to Potty Genius, the Naked and $75 method starts by clearing 3–5 days to spend all your time home with your child and focusing on potty training. Your child should remain naked during this whole time during the training. The $75 is for the cost of cleaning the carpet. Leaving your child naked from the waist down is a very quick way to make them aware of when they're urinating. If possible, do this during very nice weather and invest in waterproof sunblock. Doing this outside will save you the stress and expense of mopping up until the child makes the connection between urge and wetness.

Child-Oriented (Brazelton) Method

The Brazelton Method strongly recommends that potty training shouldn't be attempted until the child shows an interest in using the potty chair or shows an awareness of urge and result. According to Dy-Dee Diaper Service, the Brazelton method is attributed to a growing number of children who are potty trained later in childhood. If your child shows an interest in the chair or they show agitation at the urge to urinate or defecate, they may be ready to try the potty chair.

Reward System

The reward system will require you to do a little shopping upfront and to spend a great deal of time in the bathroom with your child. However, this system can work quickly if you hit the right reward triggers. For example, if your little girl loves a particular Disney princess, treat her to special undies featuring this character. Of course, the goal is to keep these undies clean. When she's playing, ask her frequently if she wants to try, and reward her for both attempts and results to start. Momspire suggests using stickers, small toys and candy in moderation to encourage using the potty chair. Finally, you can use this time for other learning. For example, the ABC song will take up some time while you wait for results.

Be prepared for accidents. Your child will get distracted and not leave themselves enough time to get to the bathroom. They may get over-excited and just lose control. Stay patient and be ready to interrupt their playtime to park them on the potty chair if you have a hunch they will go. If you get results, throw a party of praise and rewards.

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