How to Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Enjoyable

How to Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Enjoyable

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 8th Jun 2021

With every passing year, your child becomes more of their own person. Interests and hobbies change just as much as they do. It is important to celebrate these milestones because it tells them how much you love and value having them in your life. Many parents stress about giving their child the perfect birthday, what they don’t realize is that your child just wants to feel special. Make your child’s next birthday enjoyable by surrounding them with the people and activities that they love.

Let Them Pick Out a Gift

Choosing the perfect gift for your child can be stressful and you will not always hit a home run. Sometimes that is even worse than the stress of picking out the gift. For their birthday, you may consider going shopping with your child to let them pick out what they want. Spending one-on-one quality time will help them feel loved and special, and they will get to choose exactly what they want. During this shopping trip, you may learn more about your child and their interests. This trip can become an annual birthday tradition or a one-time event that they will remember for years to come.

Take a Fun Day Trip

If you want to keep their gift a surprise, you can still take a fun day trip with your child. Depending on the season you can plan a trip to an amusement park, water park, the zoo, museum, a neighboring city, or any other activity that your child might be interested in. These kinds of trips don’t happen often, so spending the day going somewhere fun will make your child feel special because it is all about them. This is the perfect activity to do just with your child, with family members, or with their friends. If planning the trip as a group activity, make things easier and some fun for yourself by inviting other parents to tag along.

Do Their Favorite Activity

The best way to make a child feel special on their special day is by doing their favorite activity with them. The emotional high they feel when doing their favorite activity will be compounded when they get to do it with you. Let your child go swimming, go bowling, go to a movie, play board games, anything else they enjoy. Perhaps you can plan a day full of favorite activities like favorite meals, people, friends, treats, anything else you can think of to let them know that you love them and want them to be happy.

Have a Party With Friends

Hosting a party for your child is the perfect way to celebrate their birthday. Choose a fun location or host the party in your home with a few of their friends. If party planning and preparation stress you out, think of easy games and appetizers you can serve at the party. You can use colorful toothpicks to make foods less messy at the party. Balloon arches are the perfect celebration piece and are easy to make. Creative ideas like these will also help with the cleanup process making the birthday party experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Play a Scavenger Hunt

As a party game or with your family, you can also plan a scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt can be centered around your child’s favorite things, a movie theme, or just as a fun way to get out of the house and do an activity. Scavenger hunts can take place in your backyard with hidden treats and rewards, at the mall, or all over town. There are countless scavenger hunt ideas that will help stimulate your child’s brain, give them physical activity, and make them feel like their birthday is all about celebrating them.

Go to an Ice-Skating Rink

Whether you are seeking refuge from the sun or celebrating a winter birthday, going to an ice-skating rink is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Most rink venues offer party package options which may include renting out the facility, reserving a private room, catering food, or getting a group discount. While at the skating rink you can ask for an instructor to give a quick private lesson, or just enjoy games on the ice like relay races and freeze skating. Freestyle skating is a fun, physical activity for all ages.

Spend Time in The Park

Does your child have a favorite park to visit? Maybe a big, tall slide or super fun swing set? Spend time outside with your child at the park, one of their favorites or a park they’ve never been to before. Spending time outside any day is great but spending time outside, at a park, on your birthday, is even better. If you are looking for a simple and cheap birthday party location, the park is a perfect place for kids to gather and have fun. Especially today, don’t be a stickler, do join in on the fun. You might enjoy the memories of going down the slide or running across the playground back to you.

Host a Family Dinner

Time spent with family brings some of the most cherished memories. Celebrating a birthday dinner with family will make some of your child’s best memories. Surround them with those they love either at their favorite restraint or with their favorite home-cooked meal. Immediate family and extended family members have more than enough love to share with your child, especially when singing Happy Birthday and serving cake and ice cream for dessert.

Every year that passes, your child becomes more and more independent. Celebrate the influence they have in your life and the life of your family by making them feel special on their birthday. Let them be king or queen for the day, put up cute decorations, plan an activity, invite friends and/or family members over, but most importantly, do what they want to do. While they may not remember exactly what you do for them on their birthday, they will always remember how you made them feel.

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