3 Accessories Every Piggyback Rider Needs

3 Accessories Every Piggyback Rider Needs

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 27th Sep 2019

If you've been thinking about purchasing the Piggyback Rider, or you already have one, have you thought about what accessories to add to it? The standard Piggyback Rider SCOUT model comes with the child safety harness and Rear pocket for small items or Safety Harness storage, but did you know that there are specific accessories to make your experience that much better? While we love every accessory, these are the top 3 to make your total Piggyback Rider experience complete.

Carry Bag

Our Piggyback Rider branded carry bag comes in two colors: black or orange and will hold any of our Piggyback Rider carriers and can provide storage for your adventure when it is not holding the carrier set. Use our carry bag as a replacement storage for your child carrier and its accessories or as a branded cinch-sack for other trip needs!


Side Pocket

The last thing you want is multiple items to carry with you when you're on the trail. Our side pocket latches onto our child carriers to provide convenient storage for toddler needs on the go! This Side Pocket is great for misc items such as snacks, keys, cell phone, tissues and easily attaches with our tri-glide buckle on either side of the webbing that holds the bar.

Other items it can hold:

  • 4 frisbee golf discs
  • diapers & wipes
  • bottles
  • treasures found on your adventure


Mud Flap

Keep your child's dirt off your back, literally! The Mud Flap will save your arse from dirty shoes from that adventure where who knows what's on the bottom of your kids shoes. This is your clothing saver and for those locations with lots of snow, mud and outdoor activities where you don't want to bring nature home with you.

It easily attaches at the tri-glide buckle on both sides of the carrier. The only color is black.