Toddler Cruise Travel

Kid Carriers for Family Cruises

Explore all areas of the cruise ship and land tours with your toddler in our unique child carrying backpack design

Taking the family on a cruise vacation is a very exciting travel event. It’s the perfect time for the entire family to have a new adventure, relax and most of all: have fun. Going on a family cruise with your toddler is the perfect educational experience because they can immerse themselves in a new culture and see sights that aren’t in their backyard.

Make the most of your family bonding time by bringing the Piggyback Rider® on your next trip. Weighing less than three pounds, our version of a child carrying backpack is easy to tote around and set up when your toddler needs it. Think of how much easier it will be to go to events on and off the ship without taking a stroller or a carrying a bulky car seat. You can do more at an adult’s pace!

"Perfect Transition from Stroller to Big Kid Walking"

- Posted by L. Castejon

"Love it! It’s not 100 percent comfortable for me, but it’s definitely more comfortable than carrying my son in my arms or on my shoulders. My son only rides for short spurts at a time when he gets tired of walking. I think it is the perfect transition from stroller to big kid walking. I wouldn’t be able to do half of what we do together without it."

However, sometimes little ones just don't want to go anywhere, and when you're participating in cruise stops at ports, your family has limited times to explore certain towns. Make the most of it and be prepared for running back to the cruise ship while carrying the gifts and kids. There are times where toddlers just cannot participate anymore, and it's up to you to face a toddler meltdown or carry them. We just give you a solution for the assisted carry. Of course, there are also risks on a cruise ship and our version of the child carrying backpack keeps your little one strapped in and safe.

Our patented backpack carriers for toddlers are a unique design with a bar for their feet and harnesses to mimic the piggyback ride without constricting your or your child’s arms. Traditional ways of carrying your child can be very taxing on the body. Our kid carriers help reduce many pressure points with our sturdy and compact design.

  • Kids love the height advantage
  • Easy to use harness set-up for both parent and child
  • Optional Hip Belt for additional support for children more than 30 pounds
  • Replacement harnesses available for both new and old models

Making the Most of Your Family Cruises

Do research before booking your next cruise ship since not every ship is accommodating for babies and toddlers. Thankfully, there are many parent blogs with plenty of tips for going on cruises with kids as young as two-, three- or four-years old. Our favorite is Momtastic. Ana provides plenty of parent hacks to make the most of your family’s new adventure. We recommend checking out her tips to avoid crowds on the ships and prevent toddler meltdowns.

If you’re ready to embark on a cruise ship with your toddler in tow, make sure to pack the Piggyback Rider®. Our child carrying backpacks are customizable with many accessories to make the most of your family’s adventure. Place an order with us today!