Toddler Carriers for Special Events & Outings

Try our Child Backpack Carriers for Your Next Family Outing at Local Theme Parks, Zoos, Amusement Parks or Special Events, like Firework Shows and Parades.


Who doesn't love a trip to the zoo? Family attractions just screams fun to your toddler. There’s so much to see and experience, especially when it’s a favorite animal exhibit or carnival. Think about how amazing each activity at the eye level of your little one. However, when you plan to take your toddler to the nearby zoo, amusement park or aquarium, it is common to forget the struggles of not being at eye level to the exhibits.

With our backpack carriers for toddlers, your kiddo is at the perfect height to enjoy all of the thrilling animal exhibits or rides. And as a parent you don't have to stress about your toddler running off or being unable to see the exhibit.

When your child uses our standing toddler carriers, they have a height advantage and a comfortable way to be transported versus the traditional up/down fight that parents often have with their little ones. This reduces crankiness because it’s easy to mount on, and they will not be stepped on or pushed out of the way when walking to their next destination. When there are heavy crowds, you will not need to worry about being separated from your child because they will be securely strapped in on your back with the exclusive models of child backpack carriers only available from Piggyback Rider®.


Let’s talk about the design: There is an ergonomic bar that rests on the parent’s back for your child’s feet. Both parent and child wear a crisscross safety harness that is attached by two tethers up by the parent’s shoulders. This allows both of you to have full range of motion with your arms without worry that your child will lean back too far and fall off. There are also handles for your toddler to hold on to mount onto your back as well as to ride along with your movements.

Our backpack carrier for toddlers all foldable into a convenient drawstring bag that takes up less space in your trunk for your next outing. This means you can stop lugging around the heavy, inconvenient stroller that your child hates to get into. We also have fun, convenient accessories, like our selfie stick holster to allow you to capture the fun while on the go!

Once you buy a Piggyback Rider® product, you will find it comes in handy for almost every outing with your toddler. Use it next time you go to watch a parade, a fireworks show, the local state fair, bike riding, skiing, hiking, or places like Disneyland and Legoland! Shop our innovative child backpack carriers today, and ask for a free accessory with your order.