Toddler Carriers for Hiking and Outdoor Use

Hiking Backpacks for Toddlers

Our hiking backpacks for toddlers are light-weight & easy to set-up!

Piggyback Rider Toddler Hiking Backpack

Adventurous parents naturally want to include their little ones in making lifelong memories, whether on camping trips, weekend hikes, or even just exploring a brand new city on vacation. However, many parents are cautious to take their little ones on long walking excursions, knowing that their child will either tire quickly and need to be carried or that they may run off to explore, getting dirty in the process. Exploring kids can have a little too much fun, after all – especially when there’s mud to play with and rocks and hills to climb.

Create a controlled, immersive experience with our standing toddler carriers for hiking and other outdoor adventures.. The Piggyback Rider® allows both parent and child to enjoy the great outdoors without worry of trips and falls, steep cliffs and a muddy child. Our child carriers have lots of fun accessories that make every outdoor outing the best it can be. Feeling thirsty? Get our exclusive water bottle holder. Feeling photogenic? Make great selfies with a selfie stick by using our selfie stick holder for easy storage. Also, check out the mud flaps to protect your clothing against dirty shoes!

Why Invest in a Standing Toddler Carrier Design?

The children hiking backpacks available at Piggyback Rider® all have a unique, patented standing design. This allows your child to safely see the beautiful views at an adult eye-level. It also is helpful for parents because allows them to carry their child without the neck and back tension born of a traditional piggyback ride. Your child will love this design because it allows them to comfortably lean on and bond with you as you both explore waterfalls, hiking trails and other adventures on the way to your destination.

All our toddler carriers for hiking are light-weight and easy to set up. They also fold for convenient, space-saving storage in the car. To use, just buckle the crisscross safety straps on your child and snap them into place on the standing carrier design. Buckle yourself in as well, and you will enjoy free range of motion of both arms. Our safety harnesses keep both child and adult at ease; there’s no need to worry about your wiggly toddler falling backward or toppling forwards when on steep inclines or grades.

What Are Some Secrets to a Fun Hiking Experience with Toddlers?

It’s no secret that little ones hate strollers. This is where a hiking backpack for toddlers (ie. a child carrier) has its benefits. Allowing them to see everything at your height makes them feel like they are part of the action, and they will be able to enjoy the scenery as much as you.

Use our optional side pocket or carry bags to store bite-size snacks or bottles. Always bring enough water for both you and your child to prevent dehydration, a serious risk whenever doing any incline hiking. Learn a few camping songs with your toddler to keep them engaged all hours of the day. Don’t forget headlamps; they come in handy when the sun starts to set and you need to light your way back to the car or camping site.

So go ahead and get outdoors with your toddler! It’s easy, and you’ll both have fun creating those lifelong memories of your favorite hiking and camping spots! If you don’t already have a child carrier, you will love the options and prices at Piggyback Rider®. We offer fast shipping on orders all around the world, and you’ll save more money buying direct from us! Browse our hiking backpacks for toddlers today!