Taking Toddlers to the Zoo

There is nothing more fun than going to the Zoo. Hearing all those sounds, roars, chirps, the apes going wild and so many others; it’s hard to know the difference when you add a toddler. You get where we are going with this… children and toddlers are like animals and the zoo is the perfect place for them to relax as if they are at home.

The problem with going to the zoo with a toddler is you have to figure out how you will get around, what you will bring, which parts will you get to visit today? If you’ve ever been to the zoo, you know you are about to cover a lot of ground, walking and standing. But you have another animal to care for on this trip, your toddler. They want to see everything too, but that’s not the case, because in most cases you have to be tall to see anything at all.

After an hour at the zoo, with all the Mommy/Daddy "I want up!, I want to see the animals too!" So now you’re picking them up and down and holding them while the lion decides if he is going to make the big roooaaaarrrr or not. He doesn’t. But you’re still there wanting to see more and the phone rings, you have a drink in your hand and your kid on the back. What do you do now?

With the Piggyback Rider, standing child carrier, the zoo trips of old will never be the same! Get in, get out. Get on, get off, get on, get off… it’s so much easier to let your child have the bird’s eye view for this amazing experience at the zoo or wild animal park. Plus they will feel safe because you, the parent, are there to protect them. Thanks to the Piggyback Rider, you have stayed hydrated and are also getting exercise, all while eating some popcorn and cotton candy.