Shopping Buddies with the Piggyback Rider

Have you ever tried to get in-and-out of a grocery store to get a gallon of milk with a toddler? We've tested it and in less than 3 minutes were able to get our toddler out of the vehicle onto the Piggyback Rider and into the grocery store at our pace. We then were able to get to the back of the store where the milk was. We grabbed the milk, went to the front check out and got back in our car in two and half minutes.

The Piggyback Rider wasn't designed for shopping like this; it's a by-product that allows you to go at your pace down the middle of the aisle without their arms grabbing at anything unless you allow them. Make it cool by letting them grab items you or others need off the top shelf. They can even be your look out for safety reasons.

The next time you go to the mall, think about where you have to park and where you're going. Maybe you've parked on one side and have to travel to the other side with a toddler, ugh. How do you avoid this? How do we make it easier? The Piggyback Rider can help with its innovative style and design that allows you to get on and off at the stores of your choice. Utilizing our Carrier device you can zip around the mall quickly to grab what you need while still getting exercise.