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Piggyback Rider Wins Most Awesome Outdoor Gear (Again)

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Piggyback Rider child carrier is a back-back repeat winner of the RedTri Most Awesome Award forOutstanding Outdoor Gear, besting some big names like The North Face, Kelty, Merrell, and Camelbak.


Piggyback Rider has already won multiple awards, but we’re happy to announce this one too! Bye, bye, heavy-duty vests and stiff necks, this carrier is a great investment for kiddos and their parents. For the grownups, it’s a lightweight carrier that can go on adventures, and for the kiddos it’s awfully cool to be standing right behind (and hovering above) daddy!

Top 10 Finalists

  1. Piggyback Rider (WINNER)
  2. CamelBak
  3. Kelty
  4. The Northface
  5. Patagonia
  7. Merre
  8. Polarn O Pyret
  9. Campbound
  10. Stonz

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