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Piggyback Rider and Baby Wearing Predecessors

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At the end of the year, we often spend some time reflecting. It is always important to know (1) where you come from and (2) how far you have come. As Piggyback Rider, we went in search of where we came from. With a few mouse clicks and creative search keywords, we managed to track down a few Piggyback Rider kid carrier backpack Predecessors. Here we share a few images of early child carrying contraptions.

In an extensive article about the benefits of baby wearing, we find an old French painting that illustrates a baby basket, which allows the mother to continue with her chores, Femme du Hartz Portant un Enfant

In the same article, it is noted that baby carrying is universal. Across cultures, climates and baby ages, the only thing that differs is the fabric 

and construction. Regardless, the babies are safe and

secure, allowing their parents to accomplish their tasks at hand.

Here we see a Scandinavian version from Lapland, which is more insulated than most other carriers. Here it is difficult to say whether the Inuit child is standing or sitting. Regardless, the kid is safe and secure (and warm too!).

In finishing our reflection on the year, we thank you, our customers, for helping our Piggyback Rider child carriers continue to grow. We are thankful for our families, who are testers and the energy behind the Piggyback Rider brand. We’re here to stay and eager to follow the journey into 2013

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