How to Carry Toddlers

How to Carry a Toddler

The Piggyback Rider® toddler carrier is light and easy to use

Your toddler loves spending time with you. This is one of the most precious stages of life because your child wants to involve you in all their new activities and discoveries. The problem is figuring out a way to carry a toddler that doesn’t place unnecessary stress on your body. The most traditional way to carry your child is to have them straddle your hips with their arms around your neck. Some parents use a car seat carrier, which is very heavy with a 20-40 pound child. This can strain your shoulders, neck, and back.

Piggyback rides are some of the most natural ways to carry a child, but those, too, can add unnecessary pressure on your neck and shoulders. This leaves you and your child unable to truly enjoy your surroundings. That's how the Piggyback Rider® was born. It is an inventive alternative to the traditional piggyback ride, allowing both you and your child to have use of your arms as needed for all types of activities. Our toddler carrier has a unique design, similar to a backpack with a bar to stand on and grab handles, all while the child is tethered for safety with the harness.

  • Step One:Put on the adult carrier like a backpack and have the child put the safety harness on like a jacket. Adjust both for comfort.
  • Step Two:Clip in for safety on both sides, and when you’re both ready, have your child grab the handles while you hold the bar steady. Then have them put one foot on the bar and step up.
  • Step Three:Go enjoy any activity where your child would otherwise want to be picked up and carried.

Using the Piggyback Rider® is really that easy, and your child's weight will be evenly distributed across your shoulders, back, and hips to help avoid injury. It's the most inventive version of a child backpack carrier for children between the ages of two and four who are still under 50 pounds. This also allows your toddler to bond with you in a unique way. Best of all, it encourages your child to be immersed in new environments and gives them a height advantage that allows them to see the same things you can.

The Piggyback Rider® is an award-winning design that has caught the attention of many major media outlets. It has been featured on Good Morning America, Parents magazine, the Rachael Ray Show, Outside magazine, and many more. It's one of the latest preschool carrier inventions on the market and has gone viral thanks to Insider on Facebook. Celebrities have even been seen using the Piggyback Rider® with their toddlers, including actress Tori Spelling, actor Liev Schreiber, and comedian Nicole Sullivan.

There are endless opportunities to use the Piggyback Rider®. Its lightweight and collapsible design allows you to add it to your diaper bag, purse, or in the trunk of your car without struggling like you would with a car seat or stroller. Use it the next time you want to go hiking, to the zoo or aquarium, a theme park, parade, or traveling! It's time to stop struggling with your independent toddler from getting into the stroller. Order your standing child carrier today!