Child & Toddler Carriers for Travel

Traveling with Backpack Child Carriers

Make traveling with your toddler easier with our lightweight standing child carriers


Making the decision to travel with your child is an exciting experience and choosing the right backpack carrier for your toddler is an important one. Whether you plan to go visit friends and family or simply want to explore a new place with your little ones, it’s vital to show toddlers that there is more to the world than their own backyard. Immersing them in a new environment and culture is an eye-opening and critical bonding moment for both you and your little ones.

Many of us at Piggyback Rider® are parents too, and we understand how stressful it can be to travel with little ones. You need to remember the diapers, snacks, water bottles or juice boxes, their favorite toys, and their carrier. After packing it all, it can be hard to keep your child engaged and focused while in transit or visiting the new space. Parents with independent children may find it difficult to restrain them in umbrella strollers or car seat carriers because most toddlers want to explore and experience the change of environment.


Avoid toddler meltdowns and leave the bulky and heavy car seat or stroller at home. Instead, find relief with the lightweight design of the Piggyback Rider®. Your child will be secure and safe while they enjoy their piggyback-style ride. This leaves you free to handle the adult tasks that they often find boring.

  • Easy-snap harnesses secure both you and your little one

  • Child rides the bar by standing on patented standing backpack carrier for toddlers

  • Choose clothing that does not have buckles or metal buttons (like overalls).

  • Options to accessorize your Piggyback Rider® and stay organized with your must-carry items

  • Two grab handles for your toddler to grasp onto when needed


Families who own and use the Piggyback Rider® are able to enjoy all types of activities and travel. From mass public transportation options to trains, cruise ships, and airport trips, the Piggyback Rider® is easy to transport, store, and set up after you pass through security checkpoints. The way we designed our standing carrier design is perfect for when your child is ready to “ride the bar.” Many parents report back to us after purchasing our product that their child actually wants to be carried this way versus other traditional methods of being carried.

Make the most of every trip by adding the Piggyback Rider® to your carry-on. Our version of a backpack to carry toddlers is only three pounds and is collapsible to conserve as much space in your luggage as possible.

Your child will love bonding and making memories with you. There are several optional accessories for the Piggyback Rider to make your adventure easier. Check out the Carry Bag and Side Pocket for more storage and easy access to snacks, drinks, and your cell phone. Our Mud Flap will keep your tushy clean when you’re off-roading it, and our Hip Belt will help distribute the weight better. These accessories will be a lifesaver and create more comfort during everyday activities and trips away from home. Order the Piggyback Rider® today!

"This is a great solution for hiking with a little kid who still gets tired but is too big for a traditional carrier. Our 3-1/2 year-old daughter loves riding on daddy's shoulders or back when we hike, but for long distances, that puts a toll on him. This helps distribute the weight and is more comfortable for both of them. I easily carried her as well. For reference, she's 38lbs 40in. The carrier is fully adjustable based on height. I'm 5'8" and my husband is 6'3," and we both love this thing. It's compact and easy to travel with. We recently fit it in our checked bag when we went to Hawaii. "

"Great Carrier for Bigger Kids!"

- E. Stewarton