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Child & Toddler Carriers for Travel

Traveling with Backpack Child Carriers

Our light-weight child carriers makes travel easy. Try Piggyback Rider® on the subway, bus rides, light rail or monorail travel and in airports.

As parents, we understand how stressful it can be to travel with little ones. Stop carrying around the bulky (and heavy) car seat and find more relief for both parent and child with the lightweight design of the Piggyback Rider®. Your child will be secure, safe and enjoy their piggyback style ride while you handle the adult stuff that they often find boring. Our carrier-backpack for toddlers is a great option for use during your next trip on the bus, subway or monorail and also comes in handy at the airport! Here are some ways you can transport and use your backpack child carrier on-demand during your next travel trip.


Bus, Monorail and Subway Rides

Traveling with your kiddos on the bus or a monorail can be a tight fit. By having your child strapped in with our patented standing backpack-carrier design, you require less space, providing more breathing room for you, your child and others around you. There are two separate harnesses – one for the parent and another for the child. This helps keep you both stable during any changes of direction in the traveling vehicle.

Don’t forget to try the optional storage pouches for your Piggyback Rider® model. These carry bags and holders are a life saver when it comes to preventing a cranky toddler having a meltdown. You can have easy access to water bottles, snacks, juice boxes, or small toys for your child’s comfort during trips. 

Airport Gate Areas and Boarding Processes


Every one of our kid carriers is super lightweight, totaling about three pounds. They can be folded up and easily stored in your child’s diaper bag or any other carry-on luggage as you go through airport security checks. To help make the process through security faster – and without a toddler tantrum – follow these dress guidelines:

  • Wear easy to remove shoes. Children under age of 12 do not have to remove their shoes, so that’s a win right there!

  • Avoid wearing heavy jewelry.

  • Choose clothing that does not have buckles or metal buttons (like overalls).

  • Store coins in your purse, diaper bag, or anything else that will go through the x-ray machine. Just don’t have them in your pockets.

Because of the metal construction, you will be asked to remove your child from the carrier, fold it, and put it through the x-ray machine. Luckily, break-down and set-up is super quick and easy for our backpack child carriers. This means you will not cause delays going through security. For full details on what to expect with airport security, please check out this TSA Guide.

Avoid stressful subway trips, bus rides and airport travel with the Dad-invented, Mom-approved Piggyback Rider®!

Shop our available backpack carriers for toddlers today and claim your free accessory. Save money when buying direct from us!