Working the Muscles and the Brain

Working the Muscles and the Brain

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 26th Sep 2018

Did you know your child can learn WHILE exercising? There are so many different ways to get your child active, both physically and mentally. Here at Piggyback Rider, we believe in your child’s health in all aspects of life.

Everyone knows exercise improves kids’ health, but research shows it can also promote academic achievement. Preventing and combating childhood obesity won’t just help kids live longer, healthier lives. Research has found exercise helps kids learn better, too.

Outside Activities

Let’s start with the basics. Try to get your children outside everyday! They need to live an overall healthy lifestyle in order to boost their immune system, make better choices, and it helps them focus more in a quiet setting, like a classroom or while doing homework. Participating in outdoor activities with them is the perfect time to not just teach your children, but to have valuable conversations with them. You can talk to them about things they have learned in class, what they have been reading, or what their favorite things about each day are.

You can use your Piggyback Rider for this type of outdoor activity too, especially if you have tiny ones.

Homeschooling Activities

When you are a homeschooling parent, sometimes it is hard to motivate your children to get up after finishing their school work. Depending on the way you teach, some kids feel more comfortable in this situation, since it is at home, so school could start whenever they want that day, even in PJ's! But when it becomes a daily routine, it can be hard to help motivate them to do more.

Try to get them to go outside in between assignments or to tell them to take their homework outside to get some Vitamin D. Tell them they can join a community group after hours or get involved in sports.

Extra Curricular Activities

Is your kid in school, but loves coming home to video games, the Internet, or their favorite tv show?! There is nothing wrong with that unless it is unlimited. Consider how much time your family spends in front of a screen. Get them involved in after school activities such as sports, dance, hiking, or clubs. This helps with their social skills, as well as improving their mental state.

When in doubt, opt outside with your children, whenever you have the chance. Keeping kids physically fit is good for the brain and helpful in the classroom.