Why You Should Use the Piggyback Rider to Carry Your Toddler?

Why You Should Use the Piggyback Rider to Carry Your Toddler?

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 6th Jul 2020

Carry your toddler. Yes, we said it! We get so much backlash when we talk about using the Piggyback Rider to carry your toddler. These are just some of the comments we receive: 

"Let them walk." "If they have legs, they are walking." "They are too old to be carried." "This makes them lazy!" 

We are here to prove that yes, you can carry your toddler and enjoy it! We understand that there comes a certain age when the child is too big for the stroller, but still has little legs that can't keep up. As parents we must make the decision that is best fit for our family. Instead of leaving the toddler at home, most choose to bring them on the adventure. 

This is where the Piggyback Rider comes into play. Bring it with you. Let them walk when they can. Once they become tired (because it's just inevitable) bring out the Piggyback Rider. We designed it with the purpose of allowing your child to have a break when they need it. You can't go miles and miles with a toddler and expect them not to ask to be carried. It's a fact that all toddlers will tire. The fact is having something to save both you and them when they ask. 

We recommend to use the Piggyback Rider with ages 2-4 years old, but that doesn't mean you can't use it for a child that is older, that truly needs it. We also understand that our Piggyback Rider is not for every family. It's for the families who go on the long adventures, who explore the deeper caves, who choose to take the stairs. Having the Piggyback Rider at your disposable is what gives parents peace of mind when they are adventuring with their toddler. 

Our Piggyback Rider doesn't make your toddler lazy. They can still do all the walking they want, and hop on when they need a break. Just because a toddler has legs, doesn't mean they want to use them for the entire 5 mile hike. Some parents choose to leave them at home, but to the ones that bring the toddler along, you'll need the Piggyback Rider with you!