Why the Piggyback Rider is the Perfect Carrier for Mountain Kids

Why the Piggyback Rider is the Perfect Carrier for Mountain Kids

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 22nd Jul 2020

Anyone who’s ever been backpacking knows that the right equipment will enable you to carry a surprising amount of weight long distances without discomfort. The Piggyback Rider operates on a similar principle, allowing you to comfortably carry your child on your back by distributing the weight at your core. No strain, no pain.

It's ideal for mountain loving kids, who are big enough to want to hike on their own, but who still get tired and want to ride. No more lifting them in and out of heavy backpacks every five minutes. All they have to do is climb on, put their feet on the bar and hold on to two safety hand holds on the shoulder straps, and voila: They can ride piggyback style without choking your neck, dangling their legs, or, worse, losing their grip and tumbling off. The foot bar rests just below adult waist level, allowing the child to stand perched on the adult’s back and be engaged in active transport, rather than sit (and fall asleep). This standing position gives your child added height, enhancing the sense of adventure and fun in your outings.

The best parts about the Piggyback Rider are that the adult is standing straight up, has their hands free and can enjoy the bonding experience because the child’s head is near theirs. 

So, is the Piggyback Rider actually worth it?

From an actual user:

"Are you kidding? OMG yes. We got our Piggyback Rider right before we left for a grand tour of National Parks, which meant tons of walking and hiking. We used it in Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite and Redwoods National Parks. True, we could’ve made Oliver walk for all of these times, but to keep happy attitudes, we brought the Piggyback Rider everywhere as an option and it made the experience much better." 2 Travel Dads 

Remember that it's always better to be prepared with extra equipment or a back up plan than to be stuck two miles up the mountain carrying 45 pounds of real toddler in your arms. I know my arms and back aren’t strong enough to sustain carrying a kid for such long distances as we go.

If you're a mountain loving, adventure family with a toddler, when the stroller won't do and the carrier you once used blocks the view, let your child take a ride on the Piggyback Rider!