Using the Piggyback Rider for Household Chores

Using the Piggyback Rider for Household Chores

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 24th Apr 2020

We understand that you might not be a hiking family, or maybe you're only able to make it to the trails 1x a week. Did you know that you can still use the Piggyback Rider for everyday household chores? Toddlers are at a hard age where they want to be with you at every waking moment, but they are heavy! Let your toddler climb on board the Piggyback Rider the next time you have chores to do around your house. 

Mowing the Lawn - This is actually how the Piggyback Rider came to be! One of our inventor's daughters wanted to be with him while he did yard work, so began the first Piggyback Rider prototype (pictured below)! When you have to get things done, just put your toddler safely on your back with the help of the Piggyback Rider and you've got a happy parent and happy toddler, plus your checking things off your honey-do list. 

(Clearly, we've mastered the ultimate design of the Piggyback Rider today, so it's no longer in the prototype stage. We just wanted to share another everyday use for the Piggyback Rider.) 

Cleaning House - During this time, we understand that you may be deep cleaning your home a little bit more than you used to. We are right there with you! But we also understand that the toddler might not like that you're spending so much time on the house and less time hanging with them. Put them on the Piggyback Rider and teach them how to do some of the everyday chores that you do around the home. We bet your toddler will ask to do chores from now on! 

Cooking - With the current situation, we are all cooking at home more often. It's hard planning dinner time when the kids are around, all the time. So why not get them in on the fun? Use the Piggyback Rider around the kitchen and teach your toddler how to cook, safety first, of course! 

Yard Work - Planting a garden? Tending to your farm? Whatever you're doing that requires you to add yard work to your everyday chores, use the Piggyback Rider to get your toddler involved! We bet your toddler will be asking to do yard work every day once they find out how fun and easy it is (for them, of course!) 

Picking Up After the Dog - It's a chore no one wants to do, but it has to be done! Use the Piggyback Rider to entice your child in the adventure of picking up dog poop. While it's not glamorous, you can make it a fun activity when you can teach your child about the importance of being a responsible dog owner.