Using the Piggyback Rider as a Halloween Costume

Using the Piggyback Rider as a Halloween Costume

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 25th Oct 2018

The Piggyback Rider gets your family from point A to point B quickly and without any of the fuss. But did you know you can use your carrier to step up your Halloween costume game and impress everyone come Halloween night? The Piggyback Rider can be used with almost any costume you already have, but it can also be used to elevate your creativity.

Make it Custom

Homemade costumes are some of our favorite traditions when it comes to Halloween. We love seeing parents and their children working together to design elaborate family costume that absolutely steal the show. When you incorporate the Piggyback Rider into your costume plans, you can trust that you’re adding a level of security to the costume and the night as a whole. Do to being light weight and extremely versatile, this child carrier can be built around and worn over heavy layers of clothing.

We also love that no matter what your costume choice is, the Piggyback Rider will keep you and your child’s hands free all night, which means you can enjoy hands free parenting and they can easily hold onto the candy they collect.

Over the years, we’ve seen some truly great Halloween costumes. From superheroes, to athletes, and even our favorite movie characters, the Piggyback Rider has your back when making the most epic costume ever! Some of our favorite costumes we’ve seen over the years are below. We can’t wait to see what our users come up with this year!

Transform yourself and your child into an unstoppable machine. Well, until snack time that is!

So safe you’re being. Yoda has no complaints about riding the bar.

Piggyback Rider to the rescue! Go as your favorite superhero.

Team up with your child and go as your favorite athlete.

If you have any questions about using the Piggyback Rider or ordering one this holiday season, please feel free to contact us today!