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Unplug Day

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

Now more than ever we need to think about unplugging. We are so tied into our technology that we often forget to spend time away from our screens. This is why National Day of Unplugging was invented, to remind people to turn off their phones and enjoy time with their families.

Piggyback Rider is the perfect child carrier to pair with this day. There’s no better way to spend a whole day without technology than with the Piggyback Rider. The hands free, child carrier lets the whole family to be involved in a fun outdoor activity! Keep reading to learn our top three ways to use the Piggyback Rider and unplug.

First and foremost, hiking! The Piggyback Rider makes it possible to go on farther, tougher hikes because the little ones with short legs that are easily tired can just ride. Take your family hike to the next level, you won’t be disappointed.


Our second favorite place to take the Piggyback Rider is to amusement parks and museums. Avoid the crowds and the fear of losing your kid by bringing the Piggyback Rider along. Say goodbye to your leashes and hello to “riding the bar.”

Last but not least, we love the Piggyback Rider for sporting events. Similar to amusement parks, sporting events can often be crowded, so the Piggyback Rider takes away the fear of losing your child. A perk for the child? Best view in the house! The standing child carrier helps them see over everyone else and straight onto the field or court. 

Usually we would love to see all the ways you use your Piggyback Rider, but the whole point of this day is to turn your phone off and enjoy the moment! We trust you will have great adventures with your Piggyback Rider and continue sharing these great days. For more information about the ways to use your Piggyback Rider visit our website, or refer a friend who you know would love the Piggyback Rider too. 

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