Traveling by Plane with the Piggyback Rider

Traveling by Plane with the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 8th May 2019

Memorial Day is coming up this month, which marks the beginning of summer for most families. This long weekend is ideal for vacations and family trips! Whether you’re headed to the mountains or the beach, The Piggyback Rider will be the best companion through any adventure – including the airport! Enjoy every minute with your family when the kids “ride the bar!”

Lightweight Child Carrier

The Piggyback Rider is just as effective as other toddler carriers, without any of the bulk! It’s super lightweight, easy to carry and pack down. That means it can fit under your seat as your carry on or even pack in your checked bags to use when you get to your destination.

Crowd Friendly

Airports can be busy on a normal day, not to mention one of the busiest travel days! Long weekends typically mean an influx of passengers, which means more crowds for children to get lost. The Piggyback Rider is perfect for moments like this for toddler parents. Simply put the child carrier on and have your child hop on. As you make your way to the next gate, you don’t have to worry about the little ones falling behind or slowing you down on a tight connection. Make your flight in time – with no fuss! It’s so easy to take on and off that you can have it off and be in your seat quickly.

Hands-free Parenting

Boarding passes, snacks, iPads and more… We thought vacations were supposed to be relaxing! Take the stress out of visiting an airport with children with hands free parenting. The Piggyback Rider’s unique design keeps your child behind you, freeing up your arms and hands to be the best parent (AKA snack duty). Theexclusive accessories for the Piggyback Rider keep your personal items organized and gives you a place to put the important stuff. Our side pouch conveniently clips on to the side and is easily accessible.

Enjoy every second of your family’s next adventure, and we mean every second! From start to finish, the Piggyback Rider (literally) has your back. Giving you extra hands to work with and a way to keep your child safe even in busy situations. Find accessories and our child carrier online.Order today