Top Tricks for Helping Your Toddler Take Their Medicine

Top Tricks for Helping Your Toddler Take Their Medicine

Posted by Eileen O'Shanassy on 27th Feb 2020

Getting your child to take their medicine is not always easy. It’s especially difficult if they are already picky eaters or finicky about anything foreign to them. Using a few tips and tricks, you can learn how to bypass the usual stress of providing medicine to your child at just about any age.

Make It Less Yucky

Consider the objections your child has when they are attempting to take medicine for any reason. Is your child disgusted with the flavor of the medicine, or do they prefer swallowing syrup to pills? When you are able to identify the source of your child’s pain, it is much easier to find a remedy that can help them to take medicine with less of a hassle. Always avoid shaming or mocking your child for their fear of medication.

Clarify Need

Be sure to clarify why they need to use medication. Tell your child exactly why medicine you are providing will help them feel better. Avoid using phrases such as "Because I said so" or "Because I am your parent" to prevent the alienation of your child. If your child feels alienated and alone in their fear or disgust with medication, it may be difficult to get them to take pills and medications as necessary, even as they grow older and into independent adults. This is one of the major reasons medication is missed, even for adults. Use words such as "we" instead of referring to your child alone or yourself as a lone parental figure.

Remain Positive and Optimistic

Always keep a positive attitude when presenting medicine to your child, regardless of the ailment or illness they are struggling to overcome. Maintaining an optimistic outlook is a great way to communicate happy thoughts. Rather than bogging your child down with anxiety, stress, and even more unnecessary fear, you can build them up when it comes to taking medication in any form. The more positive you also remain during your own times of being sick, the easier it will become for your child to face the sickness and ailments head-on.

Helping your child take their medicine is not always an easy task. However it is possible with persistence and the right attitude. Even if your child is not fond of taking medication whenever they are sick, the situation is much more likely to go over smoothly with proper communication, guidance, and support from their parents.

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