Top 3 Reasons You Need the Piggyback Rider For Disney

Top 3 Reasons You Need the Piggyback Rider For Disney

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 8th Jan 2020

The new year brings new adventures, and we can almost guarantee a trip to Disney (or multiple) if you leave near the parks. You waited in the car line to park, you stood in the line to enter and now, you're met with large crowds, making it nearly impossible to maneuver a stroller. Or even worse, a whiny toddler that just wants to be carried, and whoops, you forgot the stroller in the car! 

Have no fear, parents. Take a deep breath, the Piggyback Rider is here to help make your Disney vacation a memorable one (and not because your toddler broke the world record for loudest cry!) These are the top 3 reasons why you need the Piggyback Rider for a Disney trip. 


The happiest place on earth is almost always met with large crowds that aren't so happy that you're bumping into them with your stroller. Have you ever tried to fit a square peg in a round hold? That's about what it feels like when you are trying to push your stroller through a crowd of people or when you need to zig, but every else is zagging. With the Piggyback Rider, you can get across the park faster then everyone else because you aren't waiting on your walking toddler that can't keep up and your stroller is left at home. The only thing you'll need for a full day of Disney is the Piggyback Rider! And food, because you don't want a hangry toddler on your hands.

Range of Vision

Have you ever tried to find the perfect spot to see the parades? It's a trick question, because there is no perfect spot. Your child is bound to miss their favorite Disney character and then...cue the water works. With the Piggyback Rider, your toddler will literally have a 360 degree view around them. There won't be big heads blocking their view because the Piggyback Rider positions them above everyone else. Wait for the amazing stories your child will bring home with them, all because of their range of vision! Sorry, parents, you may miss out! But it's all about the kids, right? 

Lightweight and Compact

Every time you get on a ride, you have to find a place for your stroller, park it, then walk back to the ride line and wait. With the Piggyback Rider, the adult can wear the carrier, even when the child isn't on it. Imagine this: walk straight to the line, wait in the line with the child on the Piggyback Rider, get on the ride, the parent keeps it on during the ride, get off the ride and the child hops back on. It's so much faster then having to go back to your stroller, strap your child in, etc. We've saved you at least 10 minutes, which means more rides and more fun to be had. The Piggyback Rider only weighs 3 lbs., so the parent won't have any issues carrying it when the child is off and running!