Tips for Hiking with Children

Tips for Hiking with Children

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 7th Nov 2018

Packing for a hike is hard enough for just the adults, once you start bringing children with you, there are a few more things to grab on your way out the door. Packing nutritious food, making sure everyone is dressed correctly and of course the Piggyback Rider are the essentials that should be on your list. Read more about our tips for hiking with your children.

Food That Fuels

The first thing you want to pack for your adventure is food that gives you the necessary energy needed to finish the day strong. Kids can be picky, so it might take some getting creative when packing snacks. Incorporate plenty of high protein snacks that will fill their bellies, without leaving anyone feeling sluggish. Include food and snacks like:

  • Beef jerky
  • Dried fruit
  • Trail Mix
  • Tuna packs
  • Nutty granola
  • Seeds

Wear Proper Clothing

Layers are always key, but with kids, you want to make sure their clothing is full-proof. From shoes to shirt, their clothing should be tried and true. A long hike is not the time to break in new boots or an itchy sweater.

Stretch – Before and After

Just like adults, children should prepare their body and muscles for a hike ahead of them. Make sure you show your child strong stretch techniques that will improve their overall experience. Not to mention, less aches or pains the day after.

The Essentials

The Piggyback Rider is a must have for parents that are about to head out on the trail with their little ones. When you and your family want to take the road less traveled, thus more difficult, you shouldn’t worry about leaving anyone behind. When the trail gets rough, put on the Piggyback Rider and let your kid ride the bar. The accessories compatible with the Piggyback Rider also make long journeys easier for families. Hydration packs ensure you always have enough water right at your fingertips. We also have secure packs and side pockets that keep your phone, keys and wallet right where you need them most.

Don’t hit the trails unprepared or unorganized. Let the Piggyback Rider take a little stress from you so you can enjoy quality time with family. To order yours today, or give the gift of hands free parenting,order online!