Tips for Finding Success as a Full-Time Mom While Having a Job

Tips for Finding Success as a Full-Time Mom While Having a Job

Posted by Bryan L. on 3rd Feb 2020

Women are truly inspiring. Not only do they hold positions of high esteem, but many also hold the title of mom. According to recent data, over 70 percent of women in the workforce are mothers. Although many of them make it look easy, the reality is that being a full-time worker as well as a full-time mom is no easy task. The following list includes a few tips for making your life as a mom and an employer/employee, that much easier.

Arranging Child Care

Many mothers want to do it all, but the reality is that you can't place all your focus on both things at once, and trust us, one of them is going to suffer. One of the best things you can do for yourself, your career, and your child is to utilize the service of a child care provider. Understandably, child care might not be in your budget as it can be quite expensive. If that’s the case, mothers can ask about child care at work. You would be surprised at how many companies actually provide this service.

Higher Education

Mothers want to provide the very best for their children. Having this goal will lead them to begin applying for higher-end positions within their companies or another organization. Some occupations may require a bachelor's degree at a minimum, which might make finding a career that fits your needs as a mother, a little harder. This would mean that you would soon be aiming for higher education. It's understandable to be wary of going this path. After all, you still need to keep working and take care of your child. The good thing is that you don't have to quit on your dreams. It is highly recommended for you to look into online courses. While not all courses can be taken online, completing the majority of your degree online is possible.

Support Networks

Being around other women who understand completely what you're going through is the best thing you can do for yourself. They will be there when you need them, from a quick pick-me-up to providing advice about situations they've gone through. A lack of support can really deteriorate your mental health, which can then affect your child. There are a variety of ways you can find a support group. You may search online or simply create your own group at work or church, to name a few.

Perfect Balance is a Myth

One of the most damaging lies that has been fed to the public is that you can perfectly balance work and life. Unfortunately, this is not true and one or the other will always have less focus. The best thing you can do as a mother is to understand situations and optimize them. For example, if you're out with your children, it would be wise not only answer your business phone. Simply leave a pre-recorded message that will allow you to receive messages all while looking professional.

Motherhood is one of the most important responsibilities you will ever have. However, many mothers are also very passionate about their careers. The good thing is that it is entirely possible to do both. Simply adhere to the tips listed above to begin making the most out of your two passions.

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