Taking Your Piggyback Rider to the Pumpkin Patch

Taking Your Piggyback Rider to the Pumpkin Patch

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 7th Oct 2019

Pumpkin season is here! When bringing the little ones to the pumpkin patch, don't forget your Piggyback Rider. Because of the often rough terrain when picking the perfect pumpkin, strollers just won't cut it. Here are three reasons why the Piggyback Rider will be the best pick at the pumpkin patch! 

Saves Time 

Most pumpkin patches are huge, meaning lots of land to cover to find the perfect pumpkin. While the kids will love exploring, they may not be able to go the extra mile. This is where the Piggyback Rider saves time! Instead of running every direction with your toddler, let them hop on the Piggyback Rider until you find the perfect spot for pumpkin picking. We guarantee at least an hour saved! 

Hands Free

When in search for multiple pumpkins for each member of the family, someone is going to have to do the heavy lifting. Because the Piggyback Rider allows you to have your hands free, you'll be able to multi-task with a toddler on your back.

The Perfect Photo Opportunity

We know it's all about the perfect photo opportunity, especially when at the pumpkin patch. Using the Piggyback Rider with the unruly toddler that isn't always picture ready means they are right on your back, in the perfect view of the camera. Now all you have to do is say cheese and voila, you have the family photo for the holiday card!