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Piggyback Rider is a Helicopter Hero in Phoenix

click here… Official site of Phoenix city government and the Helicopter HeroesCheck out our brother Bryan who was involved in a daring helicopter rescue in Phoenix. He and a couple others were awarded the City of Phoenix MVP award by the mayor and city council.Click here for more…

READ MORE covers the Piggyback Rider again

Watch the video. You’ll see our brother. He’s the 3rd guy / neighbor involved in the rescue.


CTV (Canada TV) interviews the Piggyback Rider at Vancouver BC Expo

CTV (Canada TV) trys out the Piggyback Rider at Vancouver BC Expo


Fun outdoor activities for you and your family in Arizona

Sue Field from Multisport Journeys has some active ideas for getting your family together for some outdoor activities in Arizona.Combine hiking and sightseeing – visit one of Arizona’s great small towns and combine the excursion with a hike. I like to hike in the morning when it is cooler and either [...]


Challenge 21 and Piggyback Rider BFFs

The Triple Summits GiveawayDid you know that Jake could be the first person in history to reach the summit of Everest via all three routes after completing the West Ridge?To honor Jake’s historic climb and his and Wende’s mission to support access to safe water, something none of us can live without, we are excited [...]


Arizona Channel 3 features the Piggyback Rider

On April 21, 2012, Arizona Channel 3 featured the Piggyback Rider for a live product demo on Earth Day.Partnering with Brilliant Baby Products the Piggyback Rider got some good airtime in Phoenix AZ on Arizona’s Channel 3, the family channel.Watch the video here. it’s a dad piggyback rider, child carrier, kid carrier for toddlers used [...]


Family adventure in the Canadian Rockies takes along a Piggyback Rider

Looking through all the photos I took last weekend on our trip to Fairmont Hotsprings, BC I was unable to really come up with one central theme or story – other than “Yay, it’s finally Spring.” We didn’t do anything super adventurous, I don’t have any big stories to tell (other than that I [...]


Piggyback Rider sponsors Colorado Screen Free Week

Piggyback Rider sponsors the Screen Free Week in Colorado with Tales of a Mountain Family. Sorry kids no TV, ipad, computer, DS, etc.


TravelRink Family Trip Advisor

TravelRink Family Trip Advisor writes on the Piggyback Rider as a great piece of travel gear. Read more…


Canada TV (CTV) spotlights the Piggyback Rider

Canada TV – Modern Mama TV spot – click to watchModern Mama website