Summer Camps for Kids

Summer Camps for Kids

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 9th Apr 2018

School will be getting out in two months!! Have you made any plans to keep your child active and outside this summer? As much as an everyday pool day sounds nice, while your little ones run around in the kiddie pool, sometimes we do not have enough time in our busy schedules! Summer camps are such an amazing option since they help you keep your child active during the week, while you keep them active on the weekends. 

Here are three types of summer camps your child can get involved in this summer.

Water Focused Camp

Can you not keep your child out of the pool? Maybe they are meant to be a swimmer! There are so many amazing camps, clubs, recreation centers, etc. that host day to day camps so the kids can spend their time outside soaking up the Vitamin D. All of these types of camps come with a lifeguard on duty to ensure your child is in safe hands. If you are not in a place where the summers are nice enough for this type of activity, consider finding an indoor water park! Most water parks have daily camps where you can sign up for one individual day and they can take care of the rest! 

Outdoor Adventure Camp

Does your child love camping, hiking, and archery? You should consider a week getaway for your child so they can spend their time in the outdoors, creating friendships, and learning how to live off the wild. These camps can be good for trust building and for your child to learn some independence. Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops usually host getaways like these but if you cannot commit to them year round, try searching up different clubs and recreational centers that host these events. Hospitals are always looking for volunteers to join their kiddos as well!

They always need parent volunteers, as well! This would be a great time to bond with your kids and make use of your Piggyback Rider while hiking.

Arts Camp

Is your child more meant for the stage? Every youth or adult theater in your area probably hosts a 1-3 week summer theater camp each year! For an affordable price, your child will learn how to audition properly, work hard in the day time, memorize their lines, get active on the stage, and they put on a whole performance at the end to showcase their hard work! These types of summer camps are even good for children who are mostly shy and do not know what they are interested in yet. It is a great way for their creative juices to get flowing and to break out of their shells.

These are three of the many types of summer camps offered each year. The best part is, they are located anywhere in the United States. Even if your child is active during the week, consider a morning hike on the weekends or a trip to an amusement park so you can spend some quality time together! We would love to provide you with a Piggyback Rider to make each adventure a little easier for you and your kids. Visit to purchase now.