Spring Destinations

Spring Destinations

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 15th Mar 2018

Who is ready for a vacation? Need some help on choosing where to go? Here is a list of the top five destinations to bring your family (and Piggyback Rider) this Spring! Who doesn’t love a little vacay?? Let’s get started!

1. Washington D.C.

Who doesn’t love a trip that can also be educational? It can be hard to get around D.C. in cars or with regular transportation, so you have to walk a lot. That is where the Piggyback Rider comes in handy! Kids can get tired fast, so being prepared is key. Purchase your Piggyback Rider and the add on pouch. That way, you can hold snacks and carry your child around at the same time! You may care more about the White House, but at least you can keep your child awake and active!

2. Sedona, Arizona

The red rocks in Sedona will blow you away! This is the perfect place for a family looking for an adventure. There are millions of beautiful hikes that do not only go uphill, but through the lakes and trees. This is another place where a Piggyback Rider would come in handy! Hikes can last up to three hours and we all know kids will only last 30 minutes! Bring your piggyback rider just in case so you and your family can enjoy mother nature!

3. San Diego, California

Spring break means beach time! When you do not live by a beach, all you want to do is get to the nearest beach. A spring trip to the ocean, while playing some frisbee, can be the best vacation ever! Nothing is worse than having to park a mile away from the beach. That is where the Piggyback Rider would come in handy! It will help speed up the walking pace and you can keep your child safe while crossing traffic.

Thinking more international?

4. Madrid

A place full of culture, life, and history! Madrid is truly beautiful. When it comes to traveling in other countries, your taxi bill becomes never ending! Plan ahead and pack a Piggyback Rider so you can just walk through the different cities and explore the many historic landmarks! This place was ranked in the top three places to visit this spring and not to mention, the weather will be perfect!

5. Santorini, Greece

If you have been to Santorini, you know it is a huge trek to get up to the top. The island was built to protect the people from the vikings, so to get up to the top you either have to drive up, take a cable car, ride a donkey, or walk thirty minutes uphill with the crowd. Bringing your Piggyback Rider will be a life saver! Plan ahead now and know it will be a rough walk, but the view is so worth it!

These are just five of the many beautiful destinations you can visit this Spring, all around the world! Have any more ideas on how you can utilize your piggyback rider this spring? Send us some pictures of you on your adventure! Visit www.piggybackrider.com for more information.