Spending Quality Time with Your Family in the Winter

Spending Quality Time with Your Family in the Winter

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 6th Dec 2018

Even though temperatures around the country are hitting new lows, it’s still important to get outside with your family. Make sure you check the weather before hitting the trails or enjoying the park, because sometimes cold is too cold. However, when the weather is just right, even the chilly winter air offers real benefits to the entire family.

Improve Focus

It has been proven in past studies that children who get outside with their family see an improvement in the level of focus they have in all aspects of daily life. From school to afternoon activities, releasing energy outdoors, in a constructive way, boosts creativity and helps your child feel their very best.

Helps Everyone Unplug

There’s nothing like getting outside and having something to look at other than a screen. We love to see families outdoors and implement a no screen rule. With the exception to the occasional selfie, disconnecting from the internet and social media helps you engage with your family and bond. Don’t underestimate the power of uninterrupted quality time!

Relieve Stress

The health benefits associated with getting outdoors don’t stop, even when the temperatures drop! Something so small as a brisk walk through the park can kick start your metabolism and help your brain release endorphins. When the rest of the world is hiding away at home, you can rest assured that you’ll feel healthy and happy.

Don’t give up your outdoor hobbies just because it’s winter! We encourage you and your family to get outside. Never stop enjoying the great outdoors!

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