Social Distancing with the Piggyback Rider

Social Distancing with the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 3rd Apr 2020

We have riders all over the world and our families share photos of their adventures - both big and small. Since we are all doing our part to social distance, we thought to share what some of our riders are doing with their Piggyback Rider, while staying away from crowded spaces.

"Every day the boys and I take a long hike out back thru the 27 acre field my husband farms to a stream where they live the life of boys and play in the stream. It's a daily adventure. Our youngest usually gets tired from walking that far so I use the Piggyback Rider for him and it's a life saver for our daily hikes. I got it when he was much smaller and it has grown with him. If you hike with kids you need this!!!" Natalie

“Hike out, ride back! Always the motto for our 3 year old.” Baconsontheroad

It doesn't have to be a big adventure. Just a simple walk around the neighborhood! - Darci M.

"Fortunate to still be able to adventure while we stay at home! This is how we social distance." Shannon 

Even grandma can get in on the adventure too! Jaime L.