Reasons Why Parents are Loving the Piggyback Rider

Reasons Why Parents are Loving the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 25th Jul 2019

We love when our parents go above and beyond to help others out when it comes to the Piggyback Rider. Check out the reasons why parents are loving the Piggyback Rider for their adventures, both big and small! 

From the Parents at Seeking Gurus Travel on a stroller vs. The Piggyback Rider for International Travel

"We often struggle deciding whether to take our stroller when traveling. We knew Switzerland would be difficult with a stroller. In a panic, I researched the best hiking carrier and found the #PiggybackRider. It was a LIFESAVER on our trip to Switzerland. Our boy would get tired and ask for a Piggyback ride. My husband loved it for three main reasons:

1. It was very easy to put on

2. It felt comfortable and light. Our boy is pretty big for his age and we struggle when he wants to be carried. The Piggyback Rider made it comfortable like no other carrier has.

3. He got lots of hugs and kisses - there's just something about being in the Piggyback Rider that made him give endless hugs and kisses. It was adorable.

We sincerely loved the Piggyback Rider and will be taking it with us on all our adventures."


From Ziba Lennox, City Mom Who Understands Toddlers Want to Be Carried

"What to do when your hottest accessory becomes too heavy to carry? Get the Piggyback Rider as your must have accessory!

You know the scene: "pinky swear you can walk the whole way?, yes mama!".......10 minutes later, can you carry me? Some tips for success with Piggyback Rider:

1) test it out at home in a familiar setting

2)adjust length so they can stand all they way without being hunched over

3) have them lean into you while they're up

4) utilize the harness and teach them how to hook it on

5) explore and have fun! This makes a great Father's Day gift! Nick loves to explore or hike with the boys while I work on the weekends and this has definitely helped!

From Lindsey Heinemann, Outdoor Mom with Multiple Little Ones Wanting Big Adventures

"Adventure time! Getting out in the woods can be a challenge when you have three boys, ages 2-5 in tow. That’s why I’m so glad we partnered with Piggyback Rider this summer. JJ’s still light enough to throw in a regular kid carrier, but Michael was a challenge. Now I just put both of our Piggyback Rider harnesses on, crouch down, snap his harness to mine, and stand up. It’s seriously so simple! And since he’s supporting his own weight, there isn’t any stress on my back or shoulders. Win!" 


From The Edwardses, A Family that Wants Their Toddler to Experience the World With Them

"Hank is getting to a phase where he’s almost too big for a hiking pack (and would like to walk more often) but he’s not quite big enough to walk an entire trail by himself, so we started looking for an option that would let him walk by himself and also allow us to easily carry him when he gets tired. The Piggyback Rider is the perfect solution! We’re really glad to have a product that lets Hank continue to experience this awesome world with us."