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Piggyback Rider Uses

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

The Piggyback Rider is more than a child carrier, it’s a way to connect with your family like never before. Whether you’re traveling, find yourself in crowds, or hiking a mountain, the Piggyback Rider has your back, literally.

Keep Your Kids Close

We’ve all been there as parents. A crowded place, like a parade or the zoo, and we’re worried about them falling behind or getting lost. We’re constantly bending down to pick them up so they can get a better view. It’s almost unenjoyable for the family at that point. ENTER: The Piggyback Rider. Parents no longer have to worry about kids falling behind or getting lost because they’re always behind you. Not to mention, they have the best view in the crowd. The Piggyback Rider gives kids a boost while supporting your back.

Going the Distance

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you’ve definitely heard us utter “opt outside.” We’re huge supporters of families spending quality time together in the great outdoors. The Piggyback Rider comes in handy for families with young children who might not be able to keep up with parents or older siblings. Where you might have stopped and rested in the past, you can now go further.

Hands Free

What’s worse than having your hands full, carrying picnic baskets, or lawn chairs, and your child wants to be picked up. Hands free parenting is now a possibility. Your child can stand securely on the bar, leaving your arms free to carry any of life’s accessories. Whether it’s a camera, a water bottle, or whatever else you bring on your next adventure, you can handle it all!

The Piggyback Rider is going to open a new door of possibilities for you and your family to go further and explore more. To see model options, and available accessories, visit our website.

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