Picking Fruit With the Piggyback Rider

Picking Fruit With the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 8th Sep 2020

Fall is almost here, which means that fruit picking season is upon us! You might be asking what picking fruit and the Piggyback Rider standing child carrier have in common? While most might use our Piggyback Rider for hikes and ultimate adventures, it's become the perfect device for picking fruit with your toddler. Here are some reasons why you need to use the Piggyback Rider for your next fruit picking adventure. 

Pick the Best Fruits 

Because most of the good fruit is always in the highest part of the trees, your toddler won't always be able to reach it. With the Piggyback Rider, your toddler can now get to the best fruits, in the highest parts of the tree. You would need to bring a step ladder with you if you wanted to reach these heights! Now you can just bring along the Piggyback Rider - that only weighs 3 lbs. - and your fruit picking adventure just got more fun. 

Hands Free

Since the Piggyback Rider allows the parent to be hands free, you now literally have more hands to hold the baskets. This means that your fruit picking adventure might have you leaving with more fruit then you can handle! 

Saves Time

Picking fruit can be an all day adventure, especially if you're looking for the most perfect fruit. And as we mentioned before the best can always be found towards the top of the tree, or the farthest from where you started. Hiking to the farther trees/bushes might be too much for your toddler to handle alone. Put them on the Piggyback Rider and let your fruit hiking begin. Once you get to your destination, your toddler will have all the energy to find the best fruits! 

Creates Memories

Fruit picking might not have been on your list of fall to-dos in the past, but now that we've made it easier, it's time to make some memories. Make fruit picking an annual tradition with your toddler, until they get too big of course. Then you can pass the Piggyback Rider down to your next child, or a cousin, or friend! There will always be a toddler in need!