Our Top 5 Family Outdoor Adventures

Our Top 5 Family Outdoor Adventures

Posted by Christine C on 12th May 2016

It’s our responsibility as parents to ensure we encourage our children to embrace the adventurous life and to give them the best view possible when it comes to this big ‘ol world of ours. Our mission at Piggyback Rider is to help you make those family adventures a reality with our standing child-carrier. Here are our top 5 Piggyback Rider family outdoor adventures for you to take with your kids.

1. Sail By The Ocean

Ocean View with the Piggyback Rider

One of the most fun places for a kid is the beach so when once they’re all pooped out from playing in the sand all day and maybe boogie boarding with dad, give them a chance to see the beach from a whole different perspective. Throw them on the Piggyback Rider child carrier and watch their eyes light up when they see the beach from your point of view.

2. A Stroll in the Park

One of the easiest family outdoor adventures you can take is a stroll in the park or around your own neighborhood. You get in some extra cardio, a little weight lifting session with the help of the Piggyback Rider child carrier ;) and your little adventurer gets to experience his neighborhood from a whole new perspective.

3. Take a Hike

Throw that TV remote back on the couch, pack up your Piggyback Rider child carrier and tell Dora the Explorer you’re going on an adventure of your own. Hiking is a great way for parents to stay fit while encouraging your little adventurers to take in the beauty of Mother Nature. Also, it’s always a little easier to climb when someone gives you a lift.

4. Embrace Your Inner Rock Star

Music is the language of the world and why not teach it to your little rock star?! Grab your water, your snacks, your Piggyback Rider child carrier and rock out with your little one at your favorite music festival. They’ll get a chance to experience your favorite music and maybe his super cool sign being held so high will get you a meet and greet with your favorite band! We can dream, can’t we?

5. Travel the World

Bring your mini world traveler with you all over the world to try new snacks, meet new people, and even learn new languages! There’s nothing like having a partner in crime while you travel the world and the best part is they’ll always have your back. Now you just have to remember to add your Piggyback Rider child carrier to your list of things to pack!