Oh the Places You’ll Go in 2019

Oh the Places You’ll Go in 2019

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 19th Dec 2018

With the new year almost here, families everywhere are reflecting on the past year and planning the adventures that will take place in 2019. It’s important to set goals as a family that will create moments to spend with each other. In this next year, go the extra mile with the Piggyback Rider!

Try one of these activities that are made easier, all thanks to your Piggyback Rider.

More Difficult Hikes

The best companion for long hikes through difficult terrain is the Piggyback Rider, other than your family of course! After all the hiking you did in 2018, your little ones will be ready to take on the longer treks. If it gets to be too difficult, strap on the carrier and keep going.

Family Friendly Events

Spending time together, while still venturing out can happen in your own backyard. Watch for different events being held in your community. Look for any of the following events and local attractions that make every day with a toddler a breeze:

  • Home shows
  • Museums
  • Amusement Park
  • Parades


The last thing parents want to stress about when heading on vacation is keeping track of their kids in unfamiliar territory. That’s where we come in! Whether you are traveling internationally, or just to one city over, don’t forget the Piggyback Rider. Our carrier is lightweight enough and compacts quickly to fit in a suitcase.

Running Errands

Not every outing needs to be an adventure, make you can make it one with the Piggyback Rider. This makes everything from grocery shopping easier to a trip to the mall a joy! Never miss a moment to keep your kids close and still enjoy hands free parenting.

We’re excited to enter into a new year, and even more excited to have all of our customers supporting us. To order accessories and complete your Piggyback Rider child carrier, make sure you visit us online.