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Never Carry More Than You Can Handle

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

The Piggyback Rider is a revolutionary product for parents and kids alike. For families that enjoy spending time outside, the Piggyback Rider helps keep the little ones close to you. When you’re hiking, it lets the rest of the family keep going even when your toddler gets tired. When you’re at a crowded zoo or parade, the Piggyback Rider keeps your kid close and gives them the best view in the crowd. All of these benefits make the Piggyback Rider a great product, but our user’s safety is our number one priority. To make sure you’re never carrying more than you can handle, it’s important that you follow all safety guidelines.

Know Your Limits

We wish the Piggyback Rider was a gravity-defying product, or that we could have created special technologies to make kids become weightless. Unfortunately this is not possible, so we encourage carriers and riders to know their limits. The Piggyback Rider can be used for long and short trips and anywhere in between. We do not expect anyone to use this product for longer than they are comfortable doing so. Even super-parents need a break.

Our Safety Recommendation

The Piggyback Rider is recommended for kids no heavier than 50lbs. We feel that even the most capable parents shouldn’t carry more than that. Just like most aspects of parenting, it’s completely up to you. One of our inventors started carrying his daughter when she was about 20 lbs, now she is around 90 lbs and he can still carry her. This is an example of letting your child, as well as yourself, grow used to the Piggyback Rider. We always tell parents that the best way to get used to carrying the weight of their child is to start using the Piggyback Rider when their child is young.

The Piggyback Rider is the perfect child carrier for toddlers because it helps them transition into an increased activity level and you can still retain the benefit of keeping them close to you in public areas. We always recommend that parents start using the Piggyback Rider as early as possible to get used to the dynamics, ergonomics and true weight of the child. For parents that pick up the product later in the toddler years, remember to never hold your toddler longer than you’re comfortable, and know your limits. After 7 years of happy customers we find if you engage your child in the adventure, you both will feel much better about riding the bar!

If you have any questions regarding the safety of the Piggyback Rider, please contact us