Mother's Day Prep

Mother's Day Prep

Posted by Piggyback Rider Team on 10th May 2018

Mother’s Day is almost here! Our moms, wives, sisters and girlfriends have done so much for us and our families. The team at Piggyback Rider wants to help make this day the best, so we are providing you with 3 different ways your Piggyback Rider can make Mother’s Day extra special.


Nothing is better than a long hike on a Sunday morning. After surprising the mom in your life with breakfast in bed, get her up and ready for an afternoon hike. Pack up the kids and your Piggyback Rider and head on over to your local hiking trail. Don’t forget to pack sandwiches, fruit, veggies, and tons of water. You can carry these items in your Piggyback Rider add on pack. And don’t forget the camera for all the family selfies!

Theme Parks

This can be a mother’s dream or a mother’s nightmare, so make sure you know what the mom in your life enjoys first. A trip to Disneyland, Disneyworld, or Universal Studios can be fun for a family vacation! Nothing makes a mother more happy than smiles on her children’s faces, so this is a great way to provide fun for everyone! Bring your Piggyback Rider to the park so you can avoid the stroller costs and wiggly children.

Family Time

Want to know how to end the night on Mother’s Day? Family time! Pull out a fun movie, some board games, go for a walk or cook her a meal. Mother’s love when the chores are done for the day and a meal is waiting at home on the table. Family time can mean intimate in home or a walk around the block. Load up your Piggyback Rider to ensure a long and fun walk after dinner.

We hope these ideas inspire you to do something more on Mother’s Day for the special woman in your life. Visit to order your Piggyback Riders and accessories today!