Important Outdoor Lessons to Start Teaching Your Toddler Now

Important Outdoor Lessons to Start Teaching Your Toddler Now

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 25th Jun 2021

Children’s curiosity is a wonderful element of their learning and development. However, it can also lead to some dangerous or harmful experiences if they are not taught some precautionary lessons, especially concerning the great outdoors. Here are a few of the most important lessons you can prioritize for your child to keep them safe while encouraging their development!

What to Do If You Get Lost

Being lost causes a lot of anxiety for both child and parent. Emphasize with your child what they need to do if they ever get separated from you. Have them memorize your full name and phone number, and your home address—in fact, if they can memorize at least two phone numbers of trusted family members, that will assure that they have multiple contacts available. Make sure they know how to use a phone to call those numbers. Have them practice how they would ask someone trustworthy for help, and identify with them the kinds of people they can trust: law enforcement, employees, etc. Teach them what is okay and what is not okay with how people treat them, and what to do if someone attempts to take them somewhere without you as the parent knowing. These can be hard and scary conversations but focus on the feeling of safety and confidence they will feel if they are prepared.

How to Swim

Pools, canals, rivers, and more are a dangerous hazard for children who cannot keep their heads above water. One of the most essential skills a child can learn is how to swim! Swimming lessons can teach children life-saving habits and skills that can help them stay safe in the water. If you are not comfortable with your ability to teach your child how to swim, invest in locally provided swim lessons that promise skills for treading water, floating on their back, and basic strokes for movement to safety.

What to Stay Away From

There are plenty of things that your children will find fascinating until they find it painful. Discourage interactions with bugs, animals, electrical appliances, chemicals, other potentially harmful items or surfaces, and even strangers. Make sure you help your child understand the reason behind their danger—if you just say “bad,” they will wonder why and experiment with it until they discover it for themselves. While this is an effective learning method, you may be able to teach the same lesson without the pain to drive it home.

When you and your family go exploring outside, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for any problems that may occur. Help your child learn the basic skills and protocols to stay safe as they explore the outdoors. You, and they, will be grateful for their preparation.

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