How to Have Fun with the Piggyback Rider

How to Have Fun with the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 1st Aug 2019

August is National Family Fun Month, so we thought to share the many ways that you can have fun as a whole family when you are using the Piggyback Rider on your adventures.

Family Bonding: using the Piggyback Rider allows mom or dad (or whoever is wearing the carrier) to bond with the child while they are strapped to your back. Remember that 4 year old that doesn't want to cuddle anymore? Now you have your chance to get some extra time in, just you and them.

Go the Distance: have more fun on your adventures because you can go the distance with the Piggyback Rider. Your family has the chance to visit places they never thought they could because of their toddler. 

No Tears: no more tears = only more fun! 

No Complaining: no more complaining = more concentrating on fun!

Toddlers Go Where You Go: the fun has just begun because your toddler will be able to join you on whatever adventure, errand or sight seeing trip that you usually wouldn't take them on because you didn't want to have to carry them.

Toddlers Won't Get Lost in Large Crowds: you can concentrate on having fun at the event because you won't have to constantly be looking over your shoulder to make sure your child doesn't get lost. You can also leave those annoying leashes at home too! Those are better for dogs! With the Piggyback Rider, the child is strapped to the parent so you will always know where they are. Hence, having more fun on your outing! 

Better Views for Parades/Events: parades are supposed to viewed from high up. Now your child will see better than you while on the Piggyback Rider, making for a fun trip with memories that will last a lifetime!